EN4HOSTS - The activity of travel agencies


There are different types of travel agencies on the market that adopt a wide range of operating variants. In order to build an offer of interest, it is advisable that specialists in the program department always keep in mind the following:

- the satisfaction of tourists' material and spiritual needs;

- studying tourist preferences according to nationalities;

- consideration of tourist motivations;

- ensuring, in the content of the programs, elements with distinctive peculiarities, in order to individualize and customize them in the general sphere of tourist markets.

In this webquest we will learn about:

 Types of tourism agencies operating on the national and international tourist market

 Contract terms to be covered by the contract for the marketing of tourist packages

 Information that the travel agency must provide to the tourist before traveling.


Your task for this webquest is to find out exactly what are the types of travel agencies operating on the tourism market and how their activity is regulated.

You and your group (six students total) will become "experts" on the characterization of the activity performed by the detailist tour operators and tour operators.

Finally, you will create a portfolio that will include the completed worksheets and a model contract for selling travel packages by the travel agency.


Follow the steps below for the first process in your project.


1.In groups of six, you will work together to learn about Types of travel agencies by using the link below and filling out the worksheet. 




Types of travel agencies (Worksheet): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yE5J9DwjdsDTEbKDKuTV5OML5ljyREyjc7y8uH_TJ-o/edit?usp=sharing


2. Each team will continue to look for information about the contractual clauses that the package sales contract must contain, accessing the links and completing the worksheet.


www.shareyouressays.com › Essay on Travel Agencies


The sales contract for touristic products (worksheet): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x8SdRTKILdAk9q4Ut5GuEsrEFxXg4AhEGaClJw_j_xo/edit?usp=sharing


Now that you have completed all the components of process one, proceed to process two!


Great work! You are now at the last part of your project!!


You will create a portfolio in which you will include the completed worksheets and a model sales contract for the tourist services packages offered by the travel agency.





Quality indicators






  1. Design of the portfolio






  1. Accuracy of the information






  1. Accuracy of the contractual clauses






  1. Details of all parts of the contract






  1. Elaboration of all required materials








Don’t forget!

A retail travel agency provides necessary travel information to the general public. The intending tourists come to the office of the travel agent and seek information regarding their proposed visit.

A tourist journey involves preparation of different types of itineraries. There are different means of transport with their respective advantages and disadvantages. A travel agent advises the potential tourist to choose the most convenient course.

A travel agent should maintain constant contact with the providers of various services like the transport companies, hotel managers and providers of surface transport like motor cars from airport to hotel and for sightseeing etc.

The contracts and arrangements having been entered into, there comes the task of planning and costing tours, both for inclusive programmes and to meet individual requirements. This job is intensely interesting and at the same time challenging.

This job calls for a great deal of initiative and drive. The job calls for travel to those places which are to be included in the itineraries.


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