EN4HOSTS - Advertising policy in tourism


In this webquest you are going to create the advertising strategy of the travel agency Bilco Travel, an agency that wants to increase its reputation on the local, national and international market. The travel agency operates on the market of Suceava, Romania.

Trends in the tourism industry are constantly changing. Keeping up with the latest in Travel Marketing can be a challenge that many do not feel ready to deal with. Travel Marketing requires time, establishing and implementing a strategy.


You are employed in the marketing department of the Bilco Travel agency and contacted by its manager for a advertising campaign. The manager said he was not happy with the efficiency of his online agency and social media strategy.

To complete the campaign to promote the travel agency, you will work in groups of 3, and do the following: 1. Define of the target audience (customer segment targeted).

2. Evaluate the website of the travel agency.

3. Choose the communication platform - Social Media.

4. Choose the online ads.

5. Manage a blog.

6. Manage reviews and check-ins.


Process 1

- Step 1: To keep up with the latest trends in marketing and to attract new customers, the first step is to launch a market-based survey of questionnaires where questions need to be asked about how customers decide to search, plan and reserve holidays. What motivates them to travel? What frustrates them? How to get information?

You will interpret the results of the questionnaire and you will define the profile of the current Romanian tourist.


- Step 2: Evaluating the Bilco Travel travel agency website.

To do this, you will develop an evaluation scale from 1 to 10 and evaluate the following:

 the usefulness of information

 the ability to zoom from your mobile phone (as most visitors to the site access it from your phone)

 the possibility to get information about what the visitors of the site are looking for

 design (simple or complicated?)

 does it encourage visitors to subscribe to the newsletter?

 Is it frequently updated?


- Step 3: Choosing the communication platform.

Does the travel agency have Facebook accounts?

Was the target audience carefully chosen?

Does it organise contests, enrolments to capture attention?

Study the communication platform and answer Yes or No to questions.


- Step 4:

Does the travel agency have classic banners displayed on highly trafficked sites?

Does the travel agency have a YouTube account where it posts videos from tours, customer testimonials, travel reviews, or anything else that could satisfy customers and meet their needs?

Check the existence of information on the Internet and appreciate their quality.



- Step 5: The blog should be part of the marketing strategy of any travel agency. Articles should not be long, but must be relevant to the target audience.

Check that the Bilco Travel agency manages a blog and appreciate the quality of the posted information, if any, based on the criteria outlined above.


- Step 6: Reputation builds client with client. Reviews are one of the factors that help make the final purchase decision. Is it easy for customers to access their review platforms, such as Trip Advisor, Expedia, on social networks and on the travel agency website?


Now that you have completed all the components of process one, proceed to process two!


Process 2

Present the promotion campaign currently carried out by Bilco Travel Agency Suceava, Romania, using the information gathered in the process 1.

Tips for your summary:

1. Your summary should be short – between 200 and 300 words.

2. You may use graphics made by you to illustrate your summary.

3. Present at least three of the promotion strategy used by the travel agency.

4. Include the numbers to illustrate the impact of promotion strategy adapted by the travel agency.

5. Practice your presentation a couple of times out loud with your group, trying to make it as interesting as possible.


Great work!

You are now at the last part of your project!!


You are going to present your own promotion campaign. Taking into account all the aspects identified and presented above, create a promotional campaign for the Bilco Travel Suceava travel agency so that it can differentiate in the market with a creative marketing strategy. Do not forget that the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction !!!!

You are going to present your campaign using Power Point presentation.

Tips for your Power Point presentation:

 The presentation will have between 15 and 20 slides

 Up to 8 rows will be written on each slide

 on each slide you will add suggestive pictures, graphics, etc

 To develop a successful promotion campaign, refer to all 6 steps presented in process 1

 be creative!

Your colleagues will decide on which promotional campaign is best at the end of the presentations.




Self evaluation

It is now time to think about your work on this webquest. Fill in the following questionnaire, and give it to your teacher.


Self evaluation questionnaire


  1. I found the group work easy / difficult because......
  2. The next time I do group work I’d like to ..............
  3. What did I learn about how to create a promoting campaign?...............
  4. My English improved / didn’t improve doing this project because.............
  5. What did I learn about using the Internet?

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