Encontrando tu companero/a de cuarto en el colegio


El vocabulario que estamos aprendiando sobre personalidades nos da una idea sobre cuales personas nos llevamos bien o por que no nos llevamos bien. Tambien como podemos ser nosotros. The vocabulary we have been learning about is about personality types and it gives us an idea about which types of people we can get along with and which ones we can't. It also tell us how we can be. 

Vamos a ver que tipo de persona queremos para nuestro companero/a cuarto en el colegio. 


Estudiantes: En el colegio a veces se requiere un companero o companera de cuarto. En esta tarea, vas a completar un poster en que buscas un companero o companera de cuarto para el colegio. 

Students; In college sometimes you are required to have a roommate. In this assignment, you are going to create a poster like in this webquest looking for a roommate for college. Then you will record yourself in Flipgrid. 


Escucha el video y luego escribe tu version de companero/a de cuarto para el colegio que buscas. 

Listen to the video and then write down some words you recognize and then write your version of roommate you are looking for. Use your past vocabulary knowledge and the vocabulary we have been working on. This about this with much thought. Do not do this in 5 minutes and expect a 100. This needs to be all in Spanish. You can use spanish dictionary.com if you need to. Try hard to use the Spanish you already know. When you are done writing it. The next step is to go to flipgrid and record yourself telling me what you are looking for in a roommate. So FIRST you write it down here. THEN you record yourself reading it to me on FLIPGRID. 


Grading Rubric

4 3 2 1

Students complete web quest, writing all required information in Spanish. 

Students present all information on Flipgrid.

Students complete web quest, writing all required information in Spanish. 

Students present most information.  

Students complete most of the web quest and required written information in Spanish. 

Students present some information. 

Students complete less than half of the web quest and required written information. 

Students do not present information



Here I will post your comments and grade for the assignment. It is due  on Wednesday the written and the Flipgrid recording on Thursday. Total points come from the rubric. The flipgrid grade will be on this rubric also. 


youtube: Buscando para companero de cuarto, :Nov 1, 2012