Energy and Photosynthesis


We just began our unit on the transfer of energy and matter between Earth's systems.  Our focus question is, "Why do people live and farm on  volcanoes?"  Today you will discover the role of photosynthesis in the transfer of energy.  


What is the evidence for the role of photosynthesis in the cycling of matter and the flow of energy into and out of organisms?

You will explore  the question, "Where do trees get their mass?"  You will also examine the process of photosynthesis as well as the Oxygen-Cardon Dioxide Cycle.  If at any time you need a review of photosynthesis, look over your notes or go to the refresher videos in the resources section in the process tab.


Before beginning this webquest, you and your table mates with do a "Chain-List" about everything you know about photosynthesis.  Pass around the paper and give everyone a chance to add to it a few times.

Resources section --> efresher on photosynthesis:

Pause the video and answer on Google Classroom:

0:28- Where do trees get their mass from?

1:17: How did Von Helmont eliminate soil as a source of nourishment for plants?

3:37: What does the narrator mean when he states that "trees are mostly made out of air"?

4:09 What were the ingredients mentioned throughout the video as necessary for plants to grow (increase in mass)?


Watch and take notes in your notebook


Webquest graphic organizer (answer on your hard copy)…


When Mrs MG returns your "Chain-List" to your group, add to it IN YOUR OWN words




Exit ticket: Explain why photosynthesis is responsible for the cycling of matter and the flow of energy into and out of organisms?