Energy Sources Presentation


Welcome Physicists

After having just learned about how electricity is generated using magnets and wire, we will now delve a little deeper into how this knowledge is applied in the real world, by researching the various energy sources used to power our cities.



Your group will choose from one of the following energy sources to do a presentation on. 


Energy Sources: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydrogen Energy, Tidal Energy, Hydroelectric Energy, Biomass Energy, Nuclear Power, Fossil Fuels



No more than 2 groups will be allowed to present on the same energy source. Discuss with your group which energy source you will want to present on. After your discussion, as a class, your teacher will draw numbers for which table gets to choose first. Choose a second or third option with your group in case you do not get your first choice.


The participation in your group for this presentation must be roughly equal. Each member must speak at-least once during the presentation. The presentation should last at most 15 minutes and at least 7 minutes long. You are required to use visuals, graphs, and the like, to enhance your presentation. Do not just read off slides. 


You will also create a worksheet for the class that the audience members will need to complete. I would recommend that the answers to the worksheet be presented in chronological order.  


For the students watching: You are expected to listen to the presentation and complete the worksheet that they give you. Your presenters will grade your worksheet and those grades will be submitted to the teacher for class credit. 




You will be graded on the following areas:

  1. The completeness of your assignment? Did you answer the major questions?

  2. How equitable was the participation of your group during the presentation? Did you each speak for about the same amount of time or cover the same amount of material?

  3. Use of visual aids such as graphs, pictures. 

  4. Your worksheet. Have at least 5 but no more than 10 questions on the worksheet.


Once you have conducted your research, you will create a final presentation You may create:

1) A Powerpoint, Prezi, or Google Slides (You must present this in front of the class)

2) A Video reporting your findings (This you would show to the class)

3) A poster Board reporting your findings (You must present this in front of the class)