English for Fun


Dear students of YE, YF and YG,



I would like to inform you about our 2nd Speaking Class project. Read the following instruction carefully:

  1. Please make a mini role-play within groups, each group consists of 5/6 students.
  2. The topic is about United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK), to make you easier to understand about the topic discussed you may check the video I uploaded. So the conversation is must be about UK and you may find for further information from the internet.
  3. The duration is about 5/6 min exclude the answer-question session.
  4. You may choose your own group and discuss with your classmates which group will present first.
  5. You may use any property to help your performance.
  6. Because this is a group work project please share the roles fairly.
  7. We will start this after all the students finish their 1st project.
  8. Please write down the names of all groups on group’ wall so I can arrange the schedule.



P.S (as we are approaching Ramadan and Eid Fitr day so please prepare your schedule as effectively as you can).


Good luck everyone,