English HL Different Types of Essays


In todays topic we are going to discuss 3 different types of essays which are a reflective essay, argumentative essay and discursive essay. You have done essays in your previous years either as a class activity, assignment or in an examination. The general objectives of essay writing is to promote critical thinking, stretches your vocabulary, creativity and imagination, its a good skill to acquire and helps with self-intellect growth and self-social growth. Any good essay needs good planning before writing the essay.



For this task you are required to write an essay of your choice using the topics given. Use MS word to write your essay. Your essay should include:

  • a cover page with name, surname and essay type.
  • the topic you have chosen.
  • title for you essay.
  • 500-550 words.
  • word count at the end of the essay.

Use the given resources to complete the task and reference accordingly.


Essay Writing Instructions:

Write an essay of your choice using the topics given below. Be creative and substantiate your reasoning logically.

  • use topic sentences and provide supporting details.
  • use linking words and phrases
  • use descriptive an emotive langugae
  1. An award ceremony you attended
  2. Moving to a new city
  3. What is the biggest challenges faced by students today?
  4. Teacher vs Parent. Who plays the bigger role of shaping a child?
  5. Why should we make an effort to prohibit the destruction of rainforests?
  6. Are meat lovers healthier than vegetarians?



Use the given links below to complete your task and find inspiration for your essay. You can make use of other resources and platforms as well, to write an effective essay.


Use the rubric below as a guide to writing your essay.

essay writing rubric


Write a brief summary about how this knowledge and information influenced your thinking about your topic.

Please hand in your task on the 1st September 2021.

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