English Home Language - Grade 9


Teacher - Good morning students.

Students - Good morning Ma’am.

Teacher - Students, today we’ll be focusing on language. We’ll be looking at two specific parts of speech. Does anyone want to take a guess which two it’ll be? 

Students - ( Everyone lifts up their hands and gives answers. ) 


(Teacher starts open discussion by posing a question)

Teacher - Okay, so now that you all have figured out the two parts of speech we’ll be focusing on today, what is an adjective and a preposition? Provide reasons for your answers and give examples of each. 

( Students start raising their hands, answering the question, having an open discussion and giving examples.) 


(Teacher presents a PowerPoint presentation on adjectives & prepositions to the students) 

PowerPoint presentation - 




( Teacher hands out worksheets for students to complete as an in class activity) 

Worksheet one - Prepositions 



Worksheet two - Adjectives 



(Teacher concludes lesson by making sure all students completed their in class activities.)

Teacher - Students, do you all understand adjectives and prepositions now? 

Students - Yes Ma’am.

Teacher - Okay perfect. Have an awesome day further students. 


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