English Home Language: Visual Literacy


Once upon a time when we were young we had toys and we had to bring the to life. And so we did this by means of impersonations. 

Thus leaving us all with the amazing quality of putting together a film. There are many skill sets involved but the main aspect is imagination.

Today you will learn everything involved in film making and at a later stage put that knowledge and your skills to the test.


A film may be studied with the same criteria we use to analyze written material, for example characters, setting, plot and atmosphere.

When studying films, however  we also need to analyze the cinematographic effects used to create a film.


In the same way that a author writes a book, certain people are associated with bringing a film to life. It is important to know who film creators are and the role they play and their styles of work.


Task-onomy 1

You need to know that every film needs a title as it identifies and becomes synonymous with the film.

The genre helps the viewers identify what type of film they're watching.


The plot is the storyline with it's different threads. We know them as scenes of a film.

The main theme is the message imparted by the film. Common themes we are familiar with are romance, marriage, peace, friendship, etc.

As in all literature each character needs to be analyzed.

The sets, costumes and scene provide the visual background of time and place.


Task-onomy 2

Under this link https://www.learnaboutfilm.com/making-a-film/organising-filmmaking-process/ you will find lots of tips on how to put together a film and exactly what you need.

Task-onomy 3

There are many fun things to explore whilst creating a film. Such as, lighting, focus and colour.

Lighting enhances the effect of the scene. Through his choice of lighting the director portrays the scene as he wishes you to view it. Lighting can be natural or artificial and can come from many different angles.

The focus of the camera lens can give the picture soft or sharp lines. This is achieved by means of different filters and lenses.

Colour expresses and affects moods and emotions. For example, white could mean innocence/purity  red means danger/anger/passion, etc.

Task-onomy 4

Camera shots is what the director uses to manipulate the viewer's perception.

There are many different types of shots which all hold their individual functions.

Task-onomy 5

In order for you to put all these skills to use you need to answer these questions:

What is my film about?

How am I going to portray the genre and theme?


For this task you need to create a film. Follow this criteria list to ensure you have everything you need.

1. Film analysis

What is the name of your film?

What type of film are you creating(eg. Comedy, romance, horror)?

Your themes which you need to choose one of are: marriage, war, friendship.

Identify your characters.

Choose your sets, costumes and setting.

What will the mood of your film be?


2. Cinematographic effects

2.1 sound effects



Technical sound effects

2.2 visual effects







2.3 camera shots

Extreme long shots

Long shots 

Medium shots

Close-up shots

Extreme close-up shots

Wide shots

Point of view shots

2.4 camera angles

2.5 camera techniques








Assignment rubric
Score 1 2 3 4 5
  Poor film analysis poor film analysis  reasonable film analysis Very good film analysis Excellent film analysis
  Poor cinematographic effects  2 cinematographic effects used 3 cinematographic effects used Very good display of cinematographic effects  Excellent cinematographic effects 
  Improper film name provided  doable film name Reasonable film name well constructed film name names unique and excellent film name
  Does not display a theme at all slightly displays a theme Reasonable display of theme Very good display of theme. Excellent display of theme.
  Film is not enjoyable to watch or educational. Very poorly put together. Film is watchable but not enjoyable and put together okay. Film put together good and watchable Film was put together well and is good to watch. Film is completely enjoyable and phenomenally put together.



Once this assignment has been completed you will most certainly have increased your skill set as an individual. 


We will also be looking much deeper into the literature aspect and bring you as a learner close to the point of adopting the hobby of film making.

You will analyze and see how other films are put together and maybe even have some of your favourites on the list. Which will allow you to go behind the scenes and evaluate.