English lesson on Verbs


This lesson will be dealing with verbs in the English language. Previous knowledge may be touched on as this is not your first meeting with verbs. 

In this lesson there will be links shared about important topics that pertain to the work being done.

Make sure you stay on track and follow the links provided to stay on course with the lesson. An activity will be provided to complete. 


You will be given an exercise to complete. This exercise will only be able to be completed after you have visited the links about verbs. The links include YouTube videos to aid you in your answering process and google pages to source your answers from. Use these links to help you answer the questions. Don’t just copy! 

Click on this link to find out more information about verbs: https://www.grammarly.com/blog/verbs/

The following is a link to a YouTube video clarifying everything you need to know about verbs: https://youtu.be/djc_MzWxJp8


Before you complete the 3 activities attached above. First click on the link on YouTube to gather more knowledge about the topic.

After you’ve done that you then proceed to clicking on the webpage provided to assert the knowledge you received from the video.

Only once you have completed those tasks can you start competing the 3 exercises provided to you.

Please note that you should not be doing the activities while looking at the sources. Only go back to your sources if you are unsure or once you have completed the exercises to correct your answers!



Have learners completed all worksheets provided to them? 


No = 0

Yes = 1


Learners will have learnt about the different strictures, features and functions of verbs in the English language and will have been able to answer the worksheets provided to them to complete.