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So today we will discuss Entreprenearship, which is our final chapter for the term. We will discuss the definition of an entrepreneaur as well as the qualities that an entreprenuer needs to posess to be successful.

This topic might sound simple, but it is quite complicated, so ill need you all to concentrate, take down notes, and stay focused.

As a grade 11 learner, doing business studies, you have to read go through your text book and also read newspaper articles. On the link you will have to watch a video that i posted , where ill explain all you need to know on entreprenearship as well as your examination scope.

lets begin....


Task 1

Watch the video on Entreprenearship and answer the questions below:

1.What is the defintion of an entreprenear?

2.Give 3 qualities of an entreprenear.

3.Provide the importance of an entreprenear in our communites?


To access the content follow the link provides below:



When watching the video please have a pen and a note book present in order to take notes and write down important points!!!



1. Give the defintion of an entreprenear?(1)

2. Give 3 qualities of an entreprenear?(3)

3.Explain the importance of an entrepreneaur in our communities, keeping in mind the high unemployment rate?(3)



Watch the video carefully and good luck to you all with the upcoming exam

Answe the questions the the best of your ability...Thank you all for following instructions


To have an improved understanding on the topic of entrepreneaurship, follow your text book as well as the links provided below.

http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=eXiCza050ug


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