The Environment is our resposibility


Welcome: The Environment is our responsibility
Description: This WebQuest will enable the students to learn about ways to take care of their environment: respect for nature to avoid global warming.
Grade Level: Grade 5
Curriculum: Social science (Global warming)
Keywords: Global warming, environment, pictures, videos, games, and powerpoint

The environment in which we find ourselves is our greatest responsibility. Currently the environment has been facing some challenges, some of which are caused by human activities. In this lesson we will discuss  the causes and effects of our actions in the environment and how to work towards solving them.  Therefore; it is very importatnt for us to learn about our environment as the followings:

  • What is the most prevelent issue facing the environment today?
  • Are you worried about global warming?
  • What can you do to reduce global warming?.
  • What can large cities do to improve the environment?

Students will do the followings:

  1. To do the  printable activity worksheets related to the Global warming.
  2. To prepare in pairs posters to inform the society the effects of their actions towards the environment
  3. With the parent's help, make a short video on global warming; the cause, effects and solutions

Task 1: 

1. Print out the activities worksheets attached in this page (you may ask teacher help to print).

Task 2:

1. To prepare in pairs posters to inform the society the effects of their actions towards the environment

  1. Choose your class peer.
  2. With your peer, use many colorful pens (green, pink, yellow, orange..etc).
  3. Create columns for each aspect of the poster. In upper case letters, write; CAUSE, EFFECT, SOLUTIONS.
  4. Under each section, write or draw anything reflecting the aspect.
  5. Glue your drawing/ notes on the foam board as a poster.

Task 3. (With parent's help)

  1. Gather all information needed for the video (It can be a video).
  2. First speak briefly on the topic.
  3. Talk about the human activities that causes global warming. 
  4. Talk about the effects of these human activities on the environment.
  5. Talk about how best we can take care of our environment.
  6. Share your general feelings about the topic.
  7. With the help of your parent, copy on a pendrive.
  8. Bring pendrives to class and hand over to the teacher



Thinking Ability: Student are able to express their personal views on global warming  Student could not express any ideas on the topic. Student was able to recollect some basic activities that causes global warming Student could mention some effects of human activities on the environment that causes global warming Student could express themeselves (if not all) the aspects studied under the topic.  
Explanation: Students can use sentences to tell some causes of global warming Student could not express them him/herself well in the video task Student was unable to Organize presentation well in the video task.  Student could present information well on all aspects on the topic in the video task.  Student could give sentences on most (if not all) of the cause, effect and solutions on global warming.  
Participation: Students level of participation and attentiveness during the course of the lesson (Read aloud and group activities) Student was not able to focus on lesson without constant guidance and redirection. Student required moderate support and supervision to focus on the lesson. Student was able to focus on lesson and perform group activities with minimal guidance. Student was able to focus on lesson and perform group activities without guidance.  



Coming To The End...!!!



When students are done, they will become much in the followings:

  1. Awareness of the environment
  2. Human activities that causes global warmig
  3. They will be aware of the effects that come as a resut of these activities
  4. They will be able to propose measures to reduce global warming
  5. They will enrich their science vocabularies
Teacher Page

This material has been developed focusing on students in 5th grade. It has been designed to make learning pleasurable for these students. Activities have been scaffolded in a way that students can connect with the contents.