Environmental problems and how to solve


Environmental destruction and global warming are getting worse due to human greed. We have to notice this situation and try to protect the environment. 

We are going to learn about environmental destruction and make posters with group members.

Before starting the main activity, let's watch a video about environmental destruction.



Task 1. Discuss the questions about environmental destruction with group members.


Task 2. Make a poster about informing environmental problems and how to protect the environment.


Task 3. Vote for the best poster made by other groups.


Task 1. Discuss three questions with your group members. 

1. What are some of the environmental destruction that humans cause?


2. Which of the environmental problems do you think is the most serious?


3. What can we do to reduce environmental problems?


Task 2. Make ppt slides about informing environmental problems and how to protect the environment.

- After the discussion, each group ppt slides about the theme of environmental issues that they think are the most serious. 


Task 3. Present each group's ppt.


Task 4. Vote for the best poster made by other groups.

- After making the posters, each group's presentation is displayed behind the classroom.

- Each group votes for the group's favorite presentation.

               criteria                                      points
content Do the ppt slides include the appropriate content? The ppt slides have to include the environmental problem and how to solve the problem...etc.  5
participation  All group members should actively participate in the activities.  3
peer review the results of the students' votes  2



When students finish all activities, they can understand the seriousness of environmental issues. They can explain how to protect the environment that we can practice in our daily lives. Through this activity, I hope that students will be interested in the environment and protect the environment.