Estuary and Intertidal Zones



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Do you still remember the lesson that we have discussed in our Science subject?

Let's apply what we have learned in our web quest today.                                              

Today we'll have our adventure in an island called "Aqua Land"

 Let me tell you a story of Sam and his friends.



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         In a place called Aqua Land, there is a child named Sam. Sam lived near the seashore. He has friends namely Mr. Crabs, Mr. Shellfish, Mr. Lobster, Mr. Starfish, Mr. Mussel, and Mr. Sea Urchin. These sea creatures are lost from their homes. They asked Sam to help them to get back to their home. But the problem is, Sam didn't know where they live.

Can you help Sam to find the home of these sea creatures?

 With the help of the videos that you're going to watch you will be able to know where these sea creatures live, whether in the Estuary Zone or Intertidal Zone.

 Also, you will be able to help Sam and his friends to get back from their home.

 Are you ready for the adventure? If yes, kindly click the Task tab.

 Let's explore the place of Estuary and Intertidal Zones.


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In today's task, you will watch videos related to our lesson. (Estuary and Intertidal zones)

Write down the important information as you watch the videos.

Please click the Process Tab. 



Step 1:

Kindly watch the video below about Estuary and Intertidal zones and also click the link below after watching the videos for more information.



Link: (For additional information)



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Step 2:

After watching the video kindly click the link below to take the quiz. You will be given 20 minutes to take the quiz. There is only one chance to take the quiz, so take it seriously and make sure you understand the lesson.

Link: (Screenshot your score) (Answer the quiz up to number 7 only, then pass it during the class)



How was the adventure?

Did you have fun?

Did you follow the steps precisely?

Did you understand where those sea creatures live?

If yes, Congrats! You have finished the task.

Thank you for your help, till next time Kiddos!

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