Evaluating Websites


Evaluating Websites

L.O: To evaluate the quality and authenticity of information from internet.

Description: Gain a better understanding of the Internet's size, where the information comes from, and how to tell what is reliable and what is not. 


Have you ever had to do a research project?  How do you know if your sources are true and valid? Ever wonder exactly how much information is on the Internet, or better yet, who puts all that stuff on there?  Well, the truth is the Internet is pretty much unending!  It is by far the largest source of information in the world.  There are billions of websites created by billions of authors.  What's scary is the fact that literally anyone can publish information on the Internet.  Yes, even you!   It is important that you read intelligently because anyone can put up a website that is false or misleading.  Some websites may seem to have information that you can use but when you compare the information with other sources, you find that there might be errors.  What questions should you ask to determine if a site is real or fake? reliable or a hoax?  This WebQuest is to help you evaluate your sources and determine if the website you choose has credibility.


In this WebQuest,

you will learn how to evaluate a Website to see if the information is valid or if the

information is a hoax.  Using a Web Evaluation Checklist, you will decide if the webpage is trustworthy.

After visiting each website, you will decide if the information can be used for research or if the site is fake. 


  Read the instructions given andexplore the given websites link below-

  1. Open one link at a time
  2. Go through the website
  3. Open the file given in your unit 2 folder – Web evaluation rubric
  4. Use the checklist to evaluate each site to decide whether they are valid or a hoax.




Time: 20min


Below are some questions to think and conclude about Evaluating websites as we bring this WebQuest to a close-

1.  Why is it important to evaluate information found on the   Internet?

2.  How will the knowledge you've gained from this WebQuest help you in the future?

3.  Which of the evaluation websites did you find to be most helpful? Why?

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This web quest can be used for Grade 4 to Grade 5.

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Made by-

Kavita Das

ICT Teacher