Eve Bunting


You have just heard the story, Fly Away Home, by Eve Bunting. She has has written over 200 books. This WebQuest will lead you on a journey to learn more about the work of  this award winning author.


  During  this WebQuest you will

  • Get to know Eve Bunting by reading her biography.
  • Read one book by Eve Bunting and complete a book report form.
  • Complete a Character Connection worksheet using a book written by Eve Bunting. This may be done independently or with a partner.
  • Familiarize yourself with other books written by Eve Bunting.

Step 1  Go to the link below to read Eve Bunting's biography. Write three things that you learned about this author.



    Step 2  Go to the link below. Read the blurb or synopsis of some other books written by Eve Bunting. Write down the title of 3 books you might be interested in reading.



    Step 3 Complete the Character Connection worksheet for one of Eve Bunting's books. You can use the characters from Fly Away Home, Gleam and Glow, or another book written by Eve Bunting. You may complete this independently or with a partner.


    Step 4 Read a book by Eve Bunting that you have not read or heard. Complete the book report form.


    You will be evaluated according to the following rubric. 



    0 point

    1 points

    2 points


    The facts are incorrect or no answer was provided.

    Provided only 1-2 facts or some information is inaccurate.

    Recorded 3 facts about Eve Bunting.

    Character Connection Worksheet

    Did not complete the worksheet

    Some information is missing

    Included name of character, title of book, 2 feelings displayed by the character, proof and page number from book.


    Did not list the title of any other books written by Eve Bunting

    Listed the title of only 1-2 books by Eve Bunting.

    Listed the title of at least 3 other books written by Eve Bunting.


    Illegible handwriting, many misspelled words

    Legible handwriting, a few   words are misspelled


    Excellent legibility, few or no misspelled words.




    I hope you enjoyed the WebQuest. Would you like to complete another one in the future?