Evelina 190016299 Cyber bullying


Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

Synonyms for cyber bullying: cyber harassment, online bullying and online harassment.

Types of cyber bullying: dissing, exclusion, doxing, flaming and cyberstalking.

Effects of cyber bullying: Sadness, anger, depression, bad grades and even suicide.


Create a tag cloud with ten shapes about cyber bullying.



1: Go to wordart.com and click "create".

2: Enter words related to cyber bullying in the table.

3: Select a shape and font for the tag cloud. 

4: Click "visualise" and download the tag cloud.


Mark Scheme:

Criteria         8 - 10                    5 - 6                     0 - 4            

All words used are relevant to the topic.

A Few words are related to the topic.

No words are related to the topic.
Colour Great use of colours in each cloud. Good use of colours used in cloud. Same colour for each cloud.
Shapes Use of multiple different shapes. Use of few different shapes. Repeating only 1 or 2 shapes.

Total 30 marks. 



This task helps the learners understand the different types of cyberbullying as well the harmful impacts it has on them and other learners.

Teacher Page

The link bellow contains ten shapes of my tag cloud.