Explorers Of The New World WebQuest! (2)


Have you ever wanted to go back through time and explore America or the New World? Become famous for finding new land? Well, get excited because today you get to become a famous explorer and have a famous discovery! Now, gather all your shipmates, board a ship, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.


You will have choices on how to show what you learn about a famous explorer.  You will need to research information on the expedition and discovery.

Turning in your work:

  • You may write a report.  
  • You may create a digital presentation. 
  • You may create a poster board with your information. 
  • If you have another idea, check with Mrs. Magoffin :).  


At the end of this WebQuest, students will have the knowledge of what it was like to be a famous explorer and appreciate all the important discoveries that they have made!


Choose from one of the following explorers:

               1) Christopher Columbus 


               2) Vasco da Gama 


               3) Henry Hudson 


               4) Juan Ponce de Leon 

    II.    Once you have chosen a famous explorer, you will research information on your explorer online with the resources I have provided for you. Click on the explorer you chose from Step I and you will be provided with great information and resources on your explorer.
                Gather information on:
                1. Their Birthplace
                2. Date of discovery
                3. What was discovered
                4. Difficulties and results of expedition
                5. Any other interesting facts

   III.   After finding all the information you need from the resources that I have provided, you will need to decide how to show me your work. 

  IV.  Find an image of your explorer and include it with your report.


Once all tasks are completed, you will turn in your work to your teacher!


What you need to have for final project:

Information on:
                1. Their Birthplace
                2. Date of discovery
                3. What was discovered
                4. Difficulties and results of expedition
                5. Any other interesting facts

This should be at least 1 paragraph long.  You may do more if you would like!

  • Picture or pictures

Congratulations! You are now known all over the world for discovering new land! Did you run into major obstacles or disasters? Do you now understand the hardships many explorers faced when trying to discover new land? How do you think it truly felt to be one of the New World Explorers?

I hope you now have a closer understanding into the importance of each and every New World Explorer.  



Here is the original webquest link by Natalie Rankart.  Abbey Magoffin modified this webquest on 6/15/2021.


"We all benefit by being generous with our work. Permission is hereby granted for other educators to copy this WebQuest, update or otherwise modify it, and post it elsewhere provided that the original author's name is retained along with a link back to the original URL of this WebQuest. On the line after the original author's name, you may add Modified by (your name) on (date)."

Resources Used:

1. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/page/c/columbus.shtml
2. http://library.thinkquest.org/J002678F/john cabot.htm
3. http://coloquio.com/famoso/balboa.htm

Teacher Page

When using this webquest, students will gain a closer look into some of the New World Explorers.This webquest would be great for all teachers to use when beginning an introduction to a new unit on creative and journalistic writing. while also corresponding with units from other classes. The students have previously been learning about the New World Explorers in their Social Studies class, so in order to tie that into Language Arts, students will be working on their writing and research skills. This webquest will be implemented in a 5th grade Language Arts class under the Georgia Performance Standard ELA5W1 while using the collaborative teaching strategy. A Loti level of 4A will be used because "technology is perceived as a tool to identify and solve authentic problems preceived by the students as relating to an overall theme/concept." I have gathered great resources that you may allow your students to look at when trying to find research on their explorer.


Arizona Standards: