What makes an 'Unhealthy' or a 'Healthy' person? There are serval factors that contribute to the health of a person, today we will be exploring behaviours that affect or contribute to our mental and physical health. 


In today's task you be using the website links to explore healthy and unhealthy behaviours. You record this information into a T chart in your health exercise books, with the headings: Healthy behaviours & Unhealthy behaviours. 

Things you will be looking for when researching:

  • Daily water intake 
  • Nutritional intake values for your age (saturated fats, sugars, etc) 
  • Average number of servings (fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, meat/poultry)
  • Amount of daily exercise 
  • Foods and drinks that exceed your nutritional intake values (takeaways, aletc)
  • Social behaviours (screen time, outdoors time, time spent with friends, time spent alone)


Now you are going to draw a 'healthy' person and an 'unhealthy' person in your health exercise books. Open your books to a free double page so your diagrams are side-by-side. You will need to include annotations around your drawing such as; "Doesn't eat 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables".  

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Here are some examples...