Exploring Media Literacy


Media literacy involves necessary skills to understand and create literacy products within the 21st century. 


To refine your written literacy skills and practice your media literacy skills by reading through a website, noting important details. 


1. Draw a line down the center of your paper to create a Double-Entry Journal template.

2. Go to the following website: www.dhmo.org 

3. As you look through the website, look for facts. When you find a fact, write it out on the left-hand side of your paper.

4. After writing down your fact, reflect on what you wrote and write your thought/opinion on the right-hand side of your paper. 

5. Continue this process until you find four facts. 


You will receive one point for each fact from the website and one point for your thought/opinion. This assignment is worth 8 total points. 


Talk about this website further in detail with Dr. E :-).