Expository Writing


Description: Students will write their own book using rhyming words and their imagination inspired by Dr. Suess'

'thinking hats'.

Grade level: 3 to 5

Curriculum: Language Arts and Reading in English

Keywords: Reading, Poetry, Cat in the Hat, Writing

Author: Kesha Randolph



Introduction continued: What is a Web Quest? It is a structured, on-line learning activity where you will interact with internet resources like the Cat in the Hat, Knows-A- Lot-About-That! Well, have you heard about this Cat? He is funny, and with Thing 1 and Thing 2 as his assistants, there are no mysteries left unsolved. Let us get ready to discover words that rhyme while having a whole lot of fun and adventure.




Task: Today, you will learn that there are words that have similar sounds at the end of the words and that how Dr. Seuss created children's books, successfully. In the end, you will write your own book(s) using rhyming and made-up words.




Process: Click on the links within the Web Quest and listen to Dr. Seuss', "The Cat in the Hat, knows a lot About that." Then, select the rhyming words and document them in pairs. After, write down other rhyming words that you are familiar with. Feel free to ask others for help. For the fun part, invent words of your own. We call these words nonsense words. Be sure to give each invented word a meaning. 


NB: You will need-

Xbox, personal computer, laptop computer, or mobile phone

Student journals

All other resources are contained in the Web Quest




Evaluation: Now that you have sufficient pairs of rhyming words, create a story of anything of your choice. Remember, that the end of each sentence rhymes. Also, if you use your invented words, include a glossary to the back and define the words, so that others could understand the writing. Include a title page, and at least three (3) pages of story, Times New Roman, font 14. Insert pictures.

  • NB:// 4 being the highest score possible for each section
  4 3 2 1
Word rhyming Student uses all words that rhyme Student uses almost all words that rhyme Student uses some words that rhyme Student does not use words that rhyme
Book construction Book has a title page and the minimum number of pages of information Book includes enough information but an incomplete title page Book includes a complete title page but insufficient information Book does not have a title and not enough information
Story line Story has a main character and setting Story has both but lack details Story has either main character or setting Story has no main character or setting
Illustrations Many illustrations and is very neat Very little illustrations provided Illustrations are irrelevant No illustrations provided



Conclusion: Congratulations! You have successfully completed your task. You have published a book and invented your own words, and all this was done with a lot of fun.