Extinct and Endangered Species


Classifying Extinct and Endangered Species on a Spectrum


Today you will learn the differences between Extinct and Endangered Species. This picture shows just a few Extinct species.

Check out this National Geographic Article titled "Endangered Species" to learn more about what causes species to become endangered!


Once you have read the National Geographic Article, Watch this Youtube video to learn what you can do to help Endangered species!



Watch this Youtube video and consider if endangered species are worth saving. Consider the impact you specifically, or humans in general may have on different species. 

After you have watched this video and considered how humans have impacted different species you will conduct research on one Extinct animal, and one Endangered animal. For each animal explain what caused its extinction or endangerment. You will create a Google Slides presentation and introduce your animals to the class. You may include how the loss of that animal has or would impact the ecosystem. 


Task 1

  • Conduct research and come up with a list of the top 10 most. endangered animals.
  • For those 10 endangered animals, identify the main causes of their population decline and identify any commonalities.
  • Identify 5 extinct animals.
  • List the 5 main causes of extinction for those animals.

Task 2

  • Consider if plants and insects can go extint or become endangered.
  • What are the common causes if they can.
  • If you could bring back one extint animal, and save one endangered animal, what would they be and why? Consider what could happen to the ecosystem if you reintroduced a extinct or endangered species. Would the effects be positive or negative

How has your understanding of extinct and endangered animals changed after completing this activity?