Fact Check Milk Benefits/Harm


You can find all kinds of information on the Internet. You'll find articles, news, video...

You will also find conspiracies, advertisements, opinions and funny videos.

How do you know if the information you are reading or viewing is the truth?  Well you don't.  Not just by reading or watching the video.

You must know how to fact check information.  This is especially important when we are looking at issues related to science and health.  


There are conflicting claims about the benefits and harm of drinking milk and eating dairy.

Remember the ad "Milk it does a body good"?  Well now we have "Milk it does a body bad".

So which is it?  

Your task is to research these claims.  You will need to evaluate each website you use to check the credibility of the information on that site.

When you have completed you research, you can draw your conclusion about whether drinking milk is beneficial.


Research benefits and harm of milk using 3 websites for each position.

Use a .com for one of them, .org for a second.

For a third source use google scholar https://scholar.google.com/  to search for a scientific paper or site.  You may have to reread the information since this is a scholarly source.  Take notes on everything you understand and make a list of things you might need to look up.  if you can understand most of what you are reading, consider that good.

For each site:

1. determine the source.  Meaning who is sponsoring or paying for the site, or who is the author of the information.  This will help you determine bias.

2. If there is a bias, explain how that bias influences the contents of the website.  If there is no bias, how do you know for sure?



Use these materials and references to evaluate your websites:

Scroll down on these websites to be sure you don't miss any helpful information









Once you have found reliable sources you can address the question:


Milk it does a body good or Milk it does a body bad?

write a 2 page paper outlining your findings.

in the last paragraph, take a position and defend it with the facts you have found.