Factors and Influences of the Civil War


Description: Welcome to my Webquest on identifying and analyzing the factors, such as individuals, events, or economic status, that influenced the outcomes of the Civil War. Based on the Indiana Department of Education Standard 8.1.25. Students will discover the influences from both the Union and Confederate sides to fully comprehend the outcome of the Civil War needed to analyze the biggest impacts. The students will begin class learning what the factors were and how they fully led to the end of the Civil War and their significance. 

Grade Levels: 6-8

Curriculum: Social Studies-US History

Keywords: Civil War, US History, Union, Confederacy, Influences

In this Webquest, you'll get the opportunity to recognize and analyze the factors that led to the outcome of the Civil War. 


The Indiana State Standard being used in this activity:

SS 8.1.25

Identify the factors and individuals which influenced the outcome of the Civil War and explain the significance of each.



First, you will watch the short video below to help identify the causes and important factors before, during, and after the Civil War.


After completing the video, please write down two questions about the either the video content or something you want to know more or understand better in the padlet link below. 




First, please go to the link below to play an American Civil War Simulation. 


Next, get with a partner to complete one of each of the Union, and Confederacy, positions of the game. Individually write down factors such as people, events, economic status, or items that influenced each sides outcome in the war.

Then, pair and share with your partner on what factors you wrote down and saw as important to the end of the Civil War. Take small notes on what your partner found, you will need them later!

Finally, go back to the padlet discussion board and answer one of either another classmate or your own question from before.



After everyone has completed the "Process" part of the WebQuest and have shared their influence notes with a partner this will occur:

Have a small class discussion on what they learned and which factors made the biggest outcome. Teacher will make a t-chart on the board for the Union and Confederacy side and students will share and compare answers they want to use and remember. 


As an extension activity, and week homework assignment, the students will prepare a 3-paragraph essay that shows their understanding of the factors that influenced the outcome of the civil war from both the Union and Confederacy and analyze the significance.


*1 paragraph on Union Factors (2-3 factors)

*1 paragraph on Confederacy Factors (2-3 factors)

*Explanation/analyze paragraph on how the factors led to the outcome of the Civil War