Family shopping


Have you ever helped your parents with the weekly grocery shopping? What if your parents gave you money and said that you were responsible for doing the grocery shopping for the next two weeks?


This webquest will allow you to be in charge of money, what to buy, and how much to buy. It'll be important for you to buy the essentials, along with maybe a few sweets. By the end of this webquest, you should have a shopping list, prices of items and how much your total bill will be.


You role in this assignment is to think like an adult and to make decisions based on what is going to best for your family. You will also be working both separately and in groups for this assignment. Your big question for this assignment is, using the money you've been given, are you able to choose the best, and cheapest healthy food options for your family for a fortnite? 


Your parents have giving you £100 and asked you to create a grocery list for your family for the next two weeks. Working in a group of three you will be required to create a grocery list on a budget.


In order to accomplish your task, you must follow these simple steps:

1. First you will be assigned to a team of three students.

2. One student will be in charge of picking what store you will "shop" at, one student will be in charge of creating a budget for your shopping trip, one student will be in charge of picking out coupons to use. As a whole group, you will all be in charge of what foods to buy and what the prices of them will be after you use your coupons.

3. Once you decide roles, you will use the resources provided nelow to complete your grocery list. 










Money limit You can't agree on the list of purchase. You have managed to agree on the list but some of you had to completely refuse some purchases. You have managed to agree on the list but there are minor discontents. You have managed to find a perfect balance for the list.  
Interaction You use a lot of native language, when interacting with each other, you behave rudly or you do not participate in the discussion. You speak mostly in English and remember basic rules of polite interaction. You take small part in the discussion. You speak English only. You are almost always polite and take a proper part in the discussion. You speak English only. You are always polite and take an active part in the discussion.  
Presentation You can not give clear reasons for this or that purchase. Your language is poor. You give few reasons for your choice. Your language is average. You give a number of good reasons for your choice and you use a proper language. You give a number of very clear reasons that originate from the given role. You use a proper language.  



Creating a grocery list on a budget and looking for discounts are both important skills to know in the future. This webquest final product can help further your ability to shop on a budget. This webquest final product will give you some insight as to what your parents go through every month to buy groceries. After this webquest, you now have the ability to help your parents shop for groceries every month.

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