Feudalism WebQuest


The Feudal Manor of Sullafisler is becoming too violent and unorganized. It's complete and utter chaos! It's time for you and your 3 friends to move on and start your own Kingdom.  


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It's official, you and your 3 friends have left Sullafisler Manor. Your task is a difficult one, yet very rewarding. As a group, you will be responsible for creating a new feudal kingdom in which you will live. As you know, once you are born into a social class, you stay there for LIFE!  Each of you is a member of a different social class.

Your tasks are as follows:

1. As a group, establish the name of your kingdom (NO names of group mates should be included but you can use initials) and create a set of 5 or more rules to live by.


2. Design and upload your kingdom's coat of arms using the website provided under the processing tab. 


3. Draw and illustrate a map of your new kingdom either on paper or online.


4. Create a journal describing the daily activities and responsibilities for each social class for 5 days. 


Step 1: Establishing the name of your kingdom and create a set of 5 or more rules to live by. 

* Your group must agree on a name for your kingdom.

      * You may not use any first or last names, however you can use initials.

* Your rules must show how you plan to keep your kingdom controlled and organized. These rules must make sense, be realistic, and be purposeful.  




Step 2: Design and upload your kingdom's coat of arms using the website provided. 

* Using the following website, design your own coat of arms. -> http://www.makeyourcoatofarms.com/app.asp 

* Your coat of arms should include:

    1. Your Kingdom Name

    2. Your Motto

    3. 4 Values

    4. 4 Symbols

* When completed, use the "snipping tool" to save a picture of your coat of arms. Please upload it to the specific content block on Unified Classroom.  




Step 3: Draw and illustrate a map of your new kingdom on paper or online. 

* Use the paper, markers, and color pencils provided to create your own kingdom. 

* You can also use paint or PowerPoint to create your kingdom map. 

* Be sure to include the following parts in your kingdom:

    1. The Manor House or Castle

    2. A Workshop or Blacksmith Shop

    3. The Pasture

    4. A Water Mill

    5. A Church

    6. A Barn

    7. Spring Harvest Fields

    8. Fall Harvest Fields

    9. Serf's Houses

    10. Orchard


**DON'T FORGET! **Create a map legend(key) to illustrate the land cultivated for the Lord, common fields, and the roads.**


* Use the following websites to help with your kingdom design... 

  -  https://sites.google.com/site/lifeinthemiddleagesvft/feudal-system/the-…

  -  http://chapter16feudaleurope.weebly.com/social-systems.html



Step 4: Create a journal describing the daily activities and responsibilities for each social class for 5 days. 

* Your journal entries will be at least 150 words each. 

* You must have a total of 750 words for your journal entries.  

* Your journal entries must include the following information:

    1. Who are you/what is your job?

    2. What are your responsibilities?

    3. Do you own any land/what do you live in?

    4. Tell a little about your family.

    5. What do you wear each day?

    6. Do you believe that life during this time period is fair/right?

* You only need to answer these 6 questions once in your journal entry. You do NOT need to address each question every day. 

*To complete this part of the webquest, use the following websites... 






You will be graded according to the following rubrics. Be sure to read them carefully and follow all instructions. 

1. Name and Rules of your kingdom. -> 



2. Coat of Arms. -> 



3. Map of your kingdom. -> 



4. Daily Journal per position (ex. king, lord, peasant). -> 



Congratulations! You did it! You officially created a new kingdom with a higher living quality than your previous kingdom of Sullafisler.


**You are going to present this project.**

Now that you've created a great new living space, your next task is to get people to move to your kingdom. Your presentation will be designed as an advertisement to get people to move there. Don't forget to "glorify" your kingdom in your presentation. You must present the following: 

1. Your kingdom name

2. Your kingdom rules/laws 

3. Your Coat of Arms

4. The map of your kingdom (with specific directions on how to navigate it)

5. What daily life for each social class is like.