Final Research Paper


In this assignment, we will be completing a 5-7 page research paper on an argumentative essay topic of your choice.  Remember, when choosing essay topics, make sure it is a topic that you can form an identifiably, argumentative, stance on which you can make a case for or against the issue. Here are some tips on choosing essay topics:


1) Determine topics that interest you that might have a positive and a negative or a pro and a con that you could argue for or against.

2) Choose the side for which you would like to argue. 

3) Develop a thesis for which you can clearly argue for or against your chosen issue.  Be sure not to be too broad and not to limit your paper by being too narrow.  You do have to cover 5-7 pages with this research and writing.  Here are some tips for forming appropriate thesis statements:

4) Compose your paper. 


1) Once you have chosen your issue and chosen your stance on that issue, you must do the research to back up your stance.  The key to remember when researching is to not only look for research that enhances your point but also research that denies your stance, in efforts to make your argument stronger by being able to counter, the counter arguments made. 

Here are some tips on researching for a research paper:

2) Once the research is done, you must know what information to use due to relevancy and make sure you include it in the paper.

Here are some tips on choosing relevant research:

Here are some tips for citing your research in APA style:

3) Once your research is done, its about composing your paragraphs.  Make sure your paragraphs are concise and written without second person being used.  Within your paragraphs, be sure to throughly explain your topic and your argument for the topic. Here are some tips for writing effective paragraphs:

4) Once the paper is completed, self editing/peer editing could be very important to the success of your paper.  Here is an article that explains the effectiveness of self/peer editing that should help guide you in the process:


Topic: ___________________

Name: ______________________________________

Turn In Date: ___________________________________


Advanced: 20 points

Proficient: 15 points

Basic: 10points

Minimal: 5 points

Insufficient: 0 points

Total Points: 


Argument is well thought out, is easy to follow and entertains your the reader. 

Argument is well thought out but is lacking some detail and somewhat entertaining.

Argument needs a bit more thought and is a bit difficult to follow. .

Argument is difficult to follow and is not well thought out but has some entertainment value. 

Argument is difficult to follow and has no details or entertainment value.



Paper is organized well with good transitions between sentences and paragraphs; follows a good order that makes it easy to read. 

Paper is pretty much organized and has a few transitions; follows a decent order

Paper is somewhat organized but lacks transitions between sentences and paragraphs. 

Paper follows a somewhat order but has no transitions and is not very easy to read. 

Paper has no transitions or order to it. 



0 Major errors

1 major error

2-3 major errors 

4 major errors

5+ major errors



All information was vital to the paper and supported the argument being made

A majority of the information was important to the paper and supported the argument.

A small amount of the information was important to the paper.

A few pieces of information were important but the argument was not clearly presented.

Information was simply put in paper with no argument or reasoning.



Citations were correctly used and typed. They included the correct punctuation and nothing was plagiarized

Less than 5 mistakes in Citations and Citation punctuation

Less  than 10 mistakes in Citations and Citation Punctuation

Over 15 mistakes in Citations and Citation Punctuation or had Citations missing 

Did not include Citations or Citation Punctuation




Final Score: 



Once the paper is turned in, you will complete a self evaluation.  This self evaluation will be necessary in ensuring that you fully understood the point of the assignment.  This is also not the last time you will see an assignment of this nature; therefore, we will do the self evaluation in hopes of preparing you to better and more effectively complete the task in the future.