Finding Out Everything You Need to Know For University!


As a Grade 11 student , the pressure of deciding which university to attend is on. You and your group of friends decide to work together and do adequate research on the different universities in Cape Town . Taking into consideration all of the different career paths involved, you team up and each friend presents their findings on a different university. 


Working in a group of no more than 3-4 members, each member focuses on a different university and researches what requirements you would need to get into your interested faculties, offered bursary info, housing, activities etc . 

Each member will be required to design a powerpoint presentation, saying why they think the university they have chosen should be the one you attend . 

After listening to each person’s presentation, you will collectively decide on the university that stood out for you as a group the most and compose a 3 page essay as to why you chose this university as a group, what intrigued you, what makes it better than all the rest. 


1. Collectively decide which member will research which university. 

2. Do your research, make notes, bookmark anything you think will persuade your friends to choosing that specific one. 

3. Create an interesting powerpoint presentation and be enthusiastic about your choice. 

4. After everyone in your group has presented, do a fair vote to decipher which one is the winner. 

5. Give your opinions as to why you chose that specific one and use it to build on your essay. 









Each member did adequate research. Made sure to include everything required and more. Found detailed information about what it is they needed to know. 

Each member did adequate research, however, forgot to include some points. Not very detailed . 

Little to no research was done. Information presented was very vague and not factual . 



Presentation exceeded expectations and was attention grabbing. Was clear and direct, displaying necessary information and also kept viewer intrigued throughout. 

Mainstream presentation, captured attention of the viewer and presented all facts. 

Just displayed the research with no attempt to intrigue the viewer or make the information seem more interesting. 


Used colour, photographs, videos and statistics for a better understanding. Very eye catching. 

Showed an effort to make it interesting and captivating. Used colour and visuals for a more intriguing effect. 

Bland and not attention grabbing. No effort to use colour, visuals or audio to make it interesting. 

Final Essay 

Carefully explained the pros and cons of each institution, making it clear as to why that was their final choice. Went above what was expected. 

Explains the views of the learners and why they chose that specific institution but lacked a bit of depth. 

Was very simple and just included same overall facts as the presentation. No personal touch or explanation as to why they chose that university 



Congratulations! Not only have you learned to be a team player during this exercise, you have also learnt how to create a captivating PowerPoint presentation and present a well articulated essay.