The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August


In a town named Berwick , North East of England, a maid of a rich family is raped by the man head of the family. This is how a special type of person was conceived named Harry August. Harry is part of a special group of people known as the Kalachakra. These species of humans are rare and have the ability to relive their live after death with the same memories as the last life. At his first rebirth he was stuck in confusion and his madness what treated at a  Psychiatric hospital which he then committed suicide as an escape to his disbelief. A group of people who are also Kalachakra have founded a club for themselves known as the Cronus club. Their goal is to prevent any changes of the course of history or result in the destruction of the world. After being warned by a girl about the up and coming destruction of the world Harry seeks to find the cause of such an event. However another person named Vincent has this ability and is threatening the existence of the world and his life including the ability to live again. After finding out about the destruction of the Cronus club, Harry is alone and is Vincent's next target. How will Harry over come this feat.....                                                                                                     Image result for The First Fifteen lives of harry august


In this web quest there will be links to pages that describe what Harry has been through and how he was feeling. This includes though on suicide and metal illness. You will find out how these causes relate or connect to the story. There are meanings and thoughts behind Harry's actions. Hopefully these links will help you better understand the actions and plot of the story. Your task is to answer 8 multiple choice questions and 2 short answers that should be at least 3 sentences.                  Image result for psychiatric hospital                               Image result for psychiatric hospital



The First Fifteen lives of harry august Test

Answer the following questions Questions


1. What does the guard give Harry to escape the torture of Vincent?

  1. A Gun

  2. Rat Poison

  3. A Knife

  4. Cyanide

2.What are Harry’s adoptive parents names?

  1. Elizabeth and Rory

  2. Harriet and Patrick

  3. Sophie and Abel

3.Who was the person who sent Harry to an asylum where he was then tortured?

  1. His wife

  2. His biological father

  3. His adoptive parents

  4. Another Kalachakra


4.How does Harry manage to get inside a secured military base in Russia?

  1. He issues an attack on the base

  2. He dresses up as a soldier

  3. He sneaks inside

  4. He pretends to be a high rank commander

5.Who was the person that saved Harry from interrogation of a secret agent of the government?

  1. Catherine

  2. Phearson

  3. Virginia

  4. Victoria

6.How does Harry keep his memories even after he has been through the “ The forgetting”

  1. He is part of a special kind of kalachakra that keep all their memories

  2. They don’t use enough volts to damage his memories

  3. He regains his memories after the fall of the Cronus club

  4. He dies before being hit with volts

7.What does Harry notice is wrong about the modern era in which he is living?

  1. The Cronus club is being hunted down

  2. Political events are missing

  3. Technology is being introduced earlier than it is supposed to

  4. He is losing memories rapidly

8. Why doesn’t Harry stop Vincent's plans after confronting him?

  1. He believes he is doing nothing wrong

  2. He is looking for something new in his life

  3. He is blackmailed to help his creation

  4. He is pretending to help while his real motives are sabotage


Why did Harry decide to commit suicide as a solution to his nightmare in his second life use the link on "6 reasons why people commit suicide," to help you understand.



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In conclusion the story about people having the ability to relive their life is interesting and references to historical events are compelling. The reasonable reality of breaking after torture and being mentally scarred are real. The science behind the story might be confusing but nonetheless it brings out a great turn of events and ending.


Here is a quick video that might be the closest thing to the actual rebirth ability that the kalachakra have.