First Grade Weather Webquest


Weather Reporter Needed:

You have been hired as a meteorologist to report the weather! It is now your job to report the weather from any place you choose. You will create a 7 day weather report to share with your classmates. Through this webquest you will learn about the weather and climate in your chosen location. Once you learn about the location, you will create a meteorologist report. A meteorologist is someone who reports the weather. In your 7 day weather report you may include temperature, weather patterns, and much more! This webquest may be completed with a partner or individually. Enjoy your time as a weather reporter!


What Should I do?

1. Choose a location anywhere in the world.

2. Research the locations weather patterns and climate.

3. Explore what a meteorologist does and how they predict the weather.

4. Create a 7 day weather report for your chosen location.

5. Share the report with your other first grade friends! 


How Do I Get it Done?

1. Decide if you will be working alone or with a partner. If working with a partner, choose the partner.

2. Select the Webquest Worksheet.

3. Watch this video to learn about meteorologists.

4. Watch this video to explore weather tools and how they are used.

5. Decide your location for the weather report

  •   Choose a continent {type on worksheet}
  •   Choose a continent {type on worksheet}
  •   Choose a city {type on worksheet}

6. With the given link, type your location into the search bar

7. Record the high and low temperatures for the next 7 days in your weather journal.

8. Create a weather illustration for each day in your weather journal.



How Will I be Graded?




Question Thinking for Weather Report


*After completing the question quiz begin your weather report. Be creative! Present your weather report in any way you would like. You can make a song, video, skit, powerpoint, iMovie, etc. Please review your presentation choice with Mrs. Cochran before creating presentation. Your presentation MUST include:

  1. Your Name
  2. Date
  3. Continent Name
  4. Country Name
  5. City Name
  6. 7 Day Forecast
  7. What people should wear for those 7 days
Teacher Page

The purpose of this webquest was to meet the Nebraska State Standards SC.K.12.3.A and SC.K.12.3.B. The webquest is designed to take 5-7 days, but may certainly take longer as student's creativity blossoms. 


Curriculum: Science

Grade Level: Kindergarten-1st Grade

Nebraska State Standards:

SC.K.12.3.A Use and share observations of local weather patterns to describe patterns over time.

SC.K.12.3.B Ask questions to obtain information about the purpose of weather forecasting to prepare for, and to respond to, severe weather.