The First Part Last - Deb Roberts


Before we begin to read The First Part Last by Angela Johnson we will complete this WebQuest. The purpose of this WebQuest is to think about what we already know and begin to think about the things we are going to learn. Our goal is to get to know the characters before we being to read their story. Think of this as a KWL, or a way to use what you already know and apply it to a new text (Hinchman, K. A., & Sheridan-Thomas, H. K., 2014).You will xomplete activities as shown through this WebQuest and share them with me in a google document format when we are finished with the book. 


This is the story of Bobby and Nia. Both teenagers and both about to become parents. We will travel with Bobby and Nia and their journey with each other as parents of this new baby.

As we being reading think about how you make difficult decisions? How do you know what you are choosing is the best?

First, you will watch this short clip. Be sure to note what questions are asked as you view it. 



What about your social life? Who else is supporting you? What about school? How are you going to take care of a baby? These are all questions that were asked in the video. All of these are issue that Bobby will face as we read through the text. 

What do these questions mean to you?

How do these questions make you feel?

K - What do you want to know about Bobby based on the video and these questions?

Watch this next video clip:

Here we are given more personal insight into who Bobby and Nia are. He is an urban teenager. He is restless. He is impulsive. He is going to be a father."I want her more than anything I have ever wanted". "I don't want to be anyone's mother". "They'd would be all knowing in the end and innocent in the begining" 

W - What do you want to know about Bobby and Nia?

Save your work so far, as we read through the text we will check in with our K and W and see if there are answers to our questions. At the end of the text you will complete the L. 

L- What did you learn about Bobby and Nia? 


Activity 5 3 1
K Wrote in full sentences at least 4 you already know.   Wrote 2-3 things that you already know. Mostly in a sentences Wrote 1 or fewer things you already know, not in a sentence. 
W Wrote in full sentences at least 4 things you would like to know.  Wrote 2-3 things you would like to know. Mostly in a sentences.  Wrote 1 or fewer things  you would like to know, not in a sentence. 
L Wrote in full sentences at least 4 things you learned.  Wrote 2-3 things you would like to know. Mostly in sentences.  Wrote 1 or fewer things you would like to know, not in a sentence. 





A WebQuest "is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than on looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation" (Starr, 2016). While learning this concept I began to understand the importance of students having access to their own knowledge in a guided fashion. In my experience, students often do not know what they know or how to apply it to something new they are going to learn. Using this concept and format I am encouraging students to reflect on their own knowledge and experiences (giving those things merit) and construct a learning map for this new text. 



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