In this WebQuest, you will complete four activities about food that will help you to complete your "mission"!! This mission will be creating a poster about food and typical dishes in other countries! So, try to do your best to complete it successfully! Good luck.

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Now that you are aware of your mission, let's start with the activities!!

1) First activity: Typical festival food

As you may know, in most countries is very popular to eat typical food during festivals, do you want to know what eat people in Britain during the festivals? Click in the following link to know it and then choose your favourite one.

 Then, answer these questions:

    1. What is the name of the dish?
    2. What festival do people eat it at?
    3. What are the main ingredients of this dish?
    4. How do you think it would taste: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy…?
    5. What do people do this day?

Elaborate a comparative table (using the information of the questions) between the dish you have selected and a dish your typical food during festivals.  

2) Second activity: Food around the world

Take a look at this “Malva pudding recipe” a typical dish in South Africa at Christmas time:

What typical dish do you eat at Christmas time in your country? Write a recipe for it.

  • Use this worksheet to do it.

3) Third activity: Let’s go picnic!

In the first session we practise how to order at the supermarket, now imagine that you and your classmates go to picnic, what things would you buy at the supermarket?

Write a dialogue with your partner about food you would buy at the supermarket and then practise it.

4)  Fourth activity: Making a menu!

Imagine that you travel to Britain and elaborate a menu using this worksheet and some of the typical dishes in these links:




  • Use photos in your menu

Now that you have your menu, practise with your partner how would you order it at the restaurant.



For your evaluation, your teacher will use the following rubric: 












The poster is very complete, they use pictures and all the information that they have found in the activities

The poster is complete, they use all the information about the activities, but they don't use pictures or images

The poster is not complete, they have not selected all the information about the activities

The poster only has information about one of the activities



They work very well and have great communication

The cohesion of the group is OK and they work together and have good communication

There are problems in some activities to communicate between the member  

There is no cohesion in the pair or trio (they all work separately) and they don’t communicate well


Use of the resources 

They have used all the links to search for information and don't need supervision or help

They have used all the links but with supervision or help

They have used only one of the links without supervision

They have used only one link and with supervision or help



Everybody explains the work they have done

One of the members explain very well their work but the other (s) almost didn’t talk  

One of the members explains everything

Nobody explains well the work they have done





Congratulations! You have completed the WebQuest successfully and now you are almost an expert about food!

Remember to always stay healthy! Bye!!!

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