Food in different countries


There are about 200 countries in our world! And each country has a unique history and culture. The culture also includes national food and drinks.

Today our lesson is focused on food in different countries 🥘 

Today we can become true culinary experts.

Get ready, get set, let's go on a gastronomic trip!



Today we will do group projects "Food in different countries"
Let's watch a video about breakfasts in different countries!

  • Each group will choose the country that they like the most.
  • We will find cafes and restaurants where you can taste the food of this country.
  • Find out what food your classmates like best.
  • We will make and present the project to the whole class.



1. In your group, select the country that you like best.

What country did you choose? Write its name on the booklet!

2. Learn about food in this country!


3.  Draw and write the name of the national food.

4. Have you ever tested Indian food? 

5. Create a bar chart with results of survay. 

For exemple: 

6. Where can I taste this food? 

  •  Open the google map
  • Write «Indians restaurant Moscow»
  • Find two places on the map that you recommend to classmates.
  • Write aboute these restaurants in the booklet.

7. Share the recipe. 

  • Choose one recipe that you suggest to cook at home 
  • Write it in the booklet 

8. Create your booklet! 

You have time to write all information and to crate illustations.

Check if all information is in your booklet (the name of country, name of national food, bar chart with results of your survay, restaurant in Moscow, one recipe) 

9. Present your booklet. 

We chose (country name).
Traditional dishes in this country are ...
We found out that in our class ...
We advise you to visit ... and ...
You can cook at home ... Here's the recipe!



Voiting for best project (first, second and third places) 

You attach a star next to the booklet that you liked the most 

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The teacher copies the booklets and distributes them to all students so that they can show them to parents, choose a restaurant, or cook any meal at home.



1) What Does the World Eat for Breakfast? YouTube
2) Food Trip Around the World | Are You Hungry? | World Song for Kids | Let's Eat Yummy Food | JunyTony YouTube




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