Food Fuel: Give your body Energy that counts!


Imagine you are on your favorite sports team. Exciting right? How do you see yourself? Holding a piece of equipment? Wearing a specific number? Are you excited for the big game? Nervous?


Today you have a vital role in your team's success. You are the Team Dietitian. As a Dietitian, your duty is to provide Team Nutrition Counsoling to enhance the performance of your team.

In other words: Your team already knows the way they eat affects the way they play. If they eat junk, then they will play like junk. If they eat well, they will play well. But what food would fuel them best for a big game? 



Learning Goals

We already know the 5 food groups and the benefits of having a balanced diet. 

Our goal for this WebQuest is to dive deeper into nutrition.

We want to realize that different diets have different effects on our bodies and different lifestyles call for different diets.



Your task will be to present a Game-Day Menu for the athletes on your team. The food on the menu should be designed to give your team the best nutrition and energy come game time. The game begins at 8:00 pm. You are responsible for providing a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack. 


Your menu will be informed by what you learn in the WebQuest. If you are interested in researching recipes or foods that are not found on the web quest you must copy the URL onto the bottom of the Menu. 

Each meal can be comprised of recipes found online or ones you know from home. Each meal must be BOLDED with an italicized explanation of why you chose each meal. Keep in mind that all 4 meals must work together for a balanced diet.

The Menu must be well thought out. Explanations should be accurate. Creativity is encouraged. A templet for the Menu will not be provided. I would like you to create your own however you like.

Note all Menus are different- you can model it after your favorite restaurant, you can add pictures, it can be foldable, it can have your team's logo... really, anything you want. JUST MAKE IT UNIQUE TO YOU! 

Assume that there are no allergies or dietary restrictions for each athlete.

Assume that the serving size is catered to each individual (a 350lb football player doesn't need the same amount of food as an 180lb baseball player).


Here is an Example Menu




First on your WebQuest, Open Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You will need one of these programs to answer questions that will guide you along AND to create your menu at the end.

The Questions are located under each link. You may copy and paste them to your Word Document.



Next please visit these two sites to to learn about Hydration:

What are two things you learned about hydration?




Next visit this site to explore the role of Carbohydrates 

Name the Two Types of Carbohydrates.

Also give a characteristic and example of each.


>                                                                 >

Characteristic-                                               Characteristic-


Example-                                                       Example-




Is there a Category that seems like it would be better to include in your gamely meal?





Next, Watch this short video about protein.


How does this video inform your Menu?


Follow this site to learn about eating Fruits and Vegetables.


What are Micronutrients?


In what ways do Fruits and Vegetables help an Athlete that Grains and Meats can't? 



This Website is a good review for what you have learned today. -

Did you learn anything knew from this site?



Finally Time to make your Menu!

In this link you will find a fun resource that has recipes to all sorts of foods- Meals, Smoothies, Snacks, Desserts, etc.. This is an optional resource for you to use to help give you Ideas for your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack categories. You can directly use an item you find on this website or use it to inspire ideas for you to come up with yourself. 

If you do use an item directly from this site please give them credit by putting their name in your menu.


PBS- Grilled Cheese


Fizzy's Lunch Lab- Salad 




Last Step! Please Print out your Menu and email me the answers to your questions.

We will have a time to show the whole class your Menu!





Exceeds Expectations

Acceptable Work Unacceptable Work
Understanding Students Menu shows excellent understanding of material given. Attention to detail in every aspect of their menu. Perfectly balanced, diversity in food, complete menu with explanation that are clear and precise.  Student's menu choices show basic understanding of material given in WebQuest. Most Menu items would be approximate to serve on a Game Day, explanations are accurate, the meals work well together, all nutritional value is included and there is a complete menu. Student's menu choices do not show understanding of material given in WebQuest. Menu items would not be appropriate to serve on a Game Day, explanations are not accurate, Meals clash, Gap in nutritional value, and/ or inability to come up with a complete menu.
Effort Student shows effort in going above and beyond instruction. The students overall approach is unique. Evidence is clear that EVERY  step of the WebQuest was considered in making the final Menu. Student shows effort in designing a menu that meets all criteria. Some explanations may be clearer than others and some Meals more complex than others but an overall good Menu. Student does not show clear effort in designing or explaining their menu. Simple ideas with vague explanations. Is not clear that they did every step in the WebQuest.


Obvious that the Student made this Menu their own. Personality, Culture, Interest, Creativity, and Uniqueness shines throughout the Final Menu and Explanation. Students have hints of personality and uniqueness in their Final Menu. Display and Meals seem to be an expression of the student. Student does not show an attitude of making their menu unique in any way. All meals and Explanations are common and obvious. No expression of culture or interest are in final Menu.
Display Menu has a professional and/or wow factor look. There are no spelling errors. Complete sentences are used when needed.  Menu follows instructions for bolding and italicizing. There are minimal spelling or grammar errors. Looks acceptable to the eye. Menu is sloppy or hard to read. Doesn't follow instructions for bolding and italicizing. Looks unprofessional or boring.  




You learned all the aspects of having a balanced diet for Athletes! You not only learned what they should eat, but why they should eat it. 

Did you have any idea that this much attention should go into what you eat?

Many of you are athletes. Does this change the way you want to eat before practice or a game?

I can't wait to see you present all of your creative menus!