You will be working in  groups to create the 'Foodball'. 

To build the ball you will work on 12 different tasks, here you can find the list:

  1. Your ideal restaurant ( choose a name, a location and add the facilities it provides)
  2. A menu
  3. A recipe
  4. A dialogue at a restaurant: list of questions the waiter/ waitress asks the  customer  and possible answers
  5. A crossword with 10 words of the category 'food' which are difficult to remember
  6. A  wordsearch choosing 15 food words that are particularly useful
  7. A Venn diagram to show how the traditional British and Italian  breakfast differ and what they have in common
  8. 10 commandments: a list of good eating habits
  9. My eating habits 
  10. A map of the world to show in which areas hunger still causes death
  11. A slogan to invite people to eat in a healthy way
  12. A poem or a song entitled: if I were a piece of fruit, which one would I be or Food is..........? OR
  13. A questionnaire for a survey on teenagers'  eating habits ( the best questionnaire will be selected for the school survey)  



Completeness               6

Correctness                   2

Visual design                 2



total score   10           





At the end of this path you should be able to avoid fasting when you are abroad!!!!

Hope you've enjoyed playing foodball!!! 

Your teacher Daniela