Footballing journey to become a world Champion



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Are you ready to become world champions?This is your moment to show us what you have what it takes to reach the World Cup final

Have you played football before?

Have you ever had to explain how to play Football before?

Was it easier to explain or to demonstrate?

Football is a sport that has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the world. It is a game that brings people together, ignites passion, and showcases the incredible athleticism and skill of its players. In this web quest, we will delve into the fascinating world of football, exploring how the game is played, rules, and the culture of football itself. So, with enthusiasm and curiosity as our guide, let's embark on this virtual football expedition and uncover the magic that makes the beautiful game a universal phenomenon!






First-team players in order to reach the finals there are a series of tasks that you must complete first.

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Step 1

Record yourself and your group members demonstrating the different skills in football which should include passing, controlling, dribbling, shooting, and heading. 

Step 2

You will also be tasked to write an individual essay on the topic of football, and in your explanation, you need to describe how the game of football is played. Ask yourself, "If I never played football before, what would I need to know before participating in the game of football?"


  • What equipment will I need to acquire to be able to play football? Is there a specific position I need to play in?


  • What is the required amount of players do I need, in order to play?

How Many Players Are On The Soccer Field?

  • How many substitutes are able to participate during the game?

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  • How do I play this football? What is main objective while playing this game?


  • Are there any skills that I need to practice before playing in an actual game of football? (ex. dribbling with hands or feet, kicking, shooting, throwing, catching, jumping)


  • What rules do I need to know to play fairly? 



 Phase 1

Explain in an essay how to properly play the game of football. The following topics need to be addressed when describing football. 


  • Equipment
  • Rules
  • Pre-requisite Skills
  • Main Objective/Goal When Competing

What Soccer Skills Do You Need To Master? [2023 Updated]


 Phase 2

Using your essay as a tool, you and your group members need to illustrate 4 football skills( passing, controlling, heading, and shooting in a video demonstration. 

click on the links below for clarity on football techniques and skills:

Phase 3

Explain and demonstrate each of those skills for your audience.



This project will be graded based on each student's proficiency and creativity in completing each task


Physical Education Webquest for grade 9 students










Explanation of Topics




Main Objective

Listed and explained 1 out of 4 topics

Listed and explained 2 out of 4 topics

Listed and explained 3 out of 4 topics

Listed and explained all the topics


Written Essay

Gives no information and highly unorganized. Essay is hard to follow due to high grammar errors

Gives little information with poor organizational skills. Fewer grammar errors

Somewhat informative but highly organized with minor grammar errors

Highly informative and highly organized with little to no grammar errors


Video Demonstration

Gives no information and highly unorganized

Gives little information with poor organization somewhat

somewhat informative but highly organized

Highly informative and highly organized




Congratulations you have now completed your web quest , and have reached the World Cup finals in going through the various rounds, and have scored yourself the winning goal. By completing this web quest, you have gained valuable knowledge and football skills in the sporting world. You are now better equipped with the knowledge and skills to take on the entire Galaxy.

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Now that your groups have completed the football quest, we will have time to reflect and talk about what we have learned. you should now be able to explain what is football, the types of equipment needed, the rules of the game, and so on.


To help enhance this project, please answer the following questions.

How has the WebQuest enhanced your thinking and earning process?

Did you find the navigation process easy or hard?



Teacher Page

Welcome to the world of champions. This was a fun and quite interactive activity where students will learn about basic football skills and the rules and conditions that make football the way it is. This activity is geared towards grade 9 Physical Education students.