Force and Motion Webquest



​We are going to learn about the forces and the man who discovered them, Sir Isaac Newton. Force is just a fancy word for pushes and pulls. Forces all around us, all the time and there are laws that govern the way forces act. 

Complete each task by reading the material, watching the videos, and answering the questions that follow. After you're done you will be ready for your evaluation. 

The Force

Good Luck and May the Force Be With You!






Step 1: Visit:

Step 2: Answer the following questions using this website.

  • Write 3 interesting facts about Sir Isaac Newton.
  • Using the 1st Law of Motion, explain why the man in the blue car hits the wall. Andno, it’s not just because he isn’t wearing his seatbelt. 
  • Restate the second law in your own words or make an illustration describing it.
  • Give a simple example of Newton’s 3rd Law.

Step 3: Take the quiz next and write down your score. ______ out of 8 questions correct.

Step 4: Go to

Step 5:  Answer the question - "What does physics study?" Provide two examples of what physics studies.



Step 6: Go to

Step 7: Watch the video “Newton’s Laws of Motion with 3D Animations” 

Step 8: Create two questions you have after watching the short video.


Step 9: Complete any of the SLIDE PUZZLES and identify which law of motion the picture represents.

            Name of the slide puzzle completed _______________________________________________________________________

            Law of motion it represents ________________________________________________________________________________




You’ve completed the assignment. For your final assignment you be presenting your findings on forces through a project. You can do this by being creative. Whatever project you choose to do should show all that you have learned from this interactive site. 

Your options are as follows:

  • Sketch a rube Goldberg machine and explain how forces make it work.
  • Create song or rap about forces.
  • Create a windowpane for the 10 most important words related to forces.
  • Create a collage of pictures and identify the forces in each picture.
  • Make a simple machine and explain how it makes motion easier.
  • Create a flip book or foldable