Future Home of the Living God


As you read Future Home of the Living God by Louise Erdrich, analyze and learn the key concepts and topics that are in contained within the book.

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You will learn about a main topic of the book from each of the links and answer the questions that follow.


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Cedar was adopted and it was big part of shaping her life, so answer the following questions about adoption: https://adoptionnetwork.com/adoption-statistics

1. In 2015, how many kids spent time in U.S foster care?

2. How many Americans have adoptions in their immediate family?

3. What is the average of children waiting for an adoptive family?

4. How many Americans have considered adoption?


The genre of Future Home of the Living God is an example of a dystopian society:  http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson926/DefinitionCharacteristics.pdf

5. In your own words, describe what an dystopian society is.

6. How does an utopian society and dystopian society differ from one another?

7. What are the four types of dystopian control?

8. What are two characteristics of a dystopian character?


Miscarriages and stillbirths happen a lot during the book and that is one reason cedar is worried about her baby: https://www.marchofdimes.org/complications/miscarriage.aspx

9. What is a miscarriage?

10. Most miscarriages happen during what time of pregnancy?

11. For women that know they're pregnant, about how many end in miscarriage?


Watch the video and answer the following questions about motherhood: https://www.vox.com/2015/5/10/8577467/moms-on-motherhood-mothers-day

12. When asked why they decided to have a child, 87% of parents answered what?

13. According to one parent, what is the hardest thing about being a parent?

14. 62% of moms stress about theirs kids  ___ than their  ___.


Religion was encompassed through out almost every page of the book: https://news.umich.edu/study-shows-religion-has-strong-influence-on-mother-child-bond/

15. How many women and their children were studied? For how long?

16. The researchers found that the personal importance a mother places on religion is...?

17. When is it common for parents to increase their participation in church?

18. What is the most important reason for the relationship between devotion to religion and the quality of mother-child relationships?


You will choose one of the following 60 point prompts:

1. How did religion play a big role in the plot of the story?

2. Compare and Contrast Cedar's feelings and emotions from the beginning of the book.


Organization The thesis is clearly stated, transitions smoothly, and the ideas flow to together. 25


The claims are supported by evidence from the text or by discussion. 25


There are very few or no grammatical errors from punctuation or spelling. 10

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You have learned about the main topics of the book and how it applies to real life from writing an essay and answering a series of questions.


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