Future Home of the Living God


In this webquest, it follow the main concepts that are introduced in the book (Future Home of The Living God) and reoccurring ideas with the survival and reasoning for actions in the book. It is a series of hyperlinks with questions that relate to the book.


Read the following hyperlinks, and answer the questions below it to the best of your ability, then proceed to the essay prompt.


Survival Guide



1. What are some symptoms of panicking, and how to calm down?


2. How does Cedar "promote the positive" throughout the book?


3.  How does expressing empathy in situations help?




1. What are some of the major risk factors for a miscarriage?


2. What is a molar/partial molar pregnancy?


3. Could a molar pregnancy be an explanation for the odd pregnancies in the book?


Religious Influences


1. How did religion play it roles in the book, and the toll it took on the characters?


2. What is the controversial issue with abortion?


3. What is your opinion: Should religion be involved with laws, or not?


The Body During Childbirth


1. Reading ruptures of water breaking, was Tina, Cedar's new friend, water breaking normal?


2. What are signs that labor is starting?


3. What is the pelvis and cervix designed to do during labor?


Journaling/Mental Health


1. How may journaling improve your moods and mental health?


2. In what ways did journaling benefit Cedar most?


3. What are other ways to improve mental health?


Building Trust - In relationship to the characters.


1. How would giving the benefit of the doubt help Cedar and Sera relationship?


2. #5 - Expressing feelings functionally, how did this help Cedar and her relations to her Native American family?


3. How did being vulnerable work AGAINST Phil?


Prompt: In essay form, explain to the best of your ability how the emotions and stress bettered Cedar's character as a person, and her ability to see others emotions.

Category Summary  Points 
Content Including a thorough explanation of what is being describe (Cedar and her relationships) 35
Analysis How well does the student understand the book and able to analyze characters. 30
Evidence Is there a sufficient amount of evidence?


Grammar Few to no grammatical and punctuational errors. 15



The essay and questions are to further the understanding of Future Home of The Living God and the characters. The book relates to many concepts beyond the main ones, pregnancy and survival. The questions were to help further explore minor and major themes in the book and the essay was the relay the information retained.