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The book Future Home of the Living God  by Louise Erdrich is a contemporary novel set in a dystopian near future. The book is told from first person point of view, however is unique because she is talking to her unborn child.  The book raises many questions about human nature and decisions people and the government make when things go haywire.

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Read the Future Home of the Living God. 

Answer the questions pertaining to the section of the book you are in.

Complete the essay questions once you have read the entire book.


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Understanding what evolution is prior to reading the book is essential to understanding the main focus. Watch the video and answer the following questions. 

1. What is one thing scientist use to prove evolution is occuring?


2. What is Darwin's Finches?


3. What is speciation?


Many women face difficulties while giving birth. Read the article and answer the following question to be knowledgeable on the topic.


4.  What does the American Pregnancy Association define prolonged labor as?


5. What is number 5 on the ten common labor complications list?


6. Explain Malposition


7. What is the term for when a baby's head can not fit through the mother's pelvis?


The book is considered dystopian fiction. To understand this, read the following article and answer the questions.



8. State one similarity of a Dystopia and Utopia.               


9. Define Utopia.


10. Define Dystopia


11. Who coined the term Utopia?


12. Give an example of a Dystopian movie.



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The main character in the book is part Native American. Read the article and answer the following questions.


13. What is a reservation?


14. How many Indian reservations are in the Unites States?


15. What percent of the U.S. is occupied by reservations?




U.S. Reservations, courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau.




Pick one of the two prompts and follow its directions.

1. Write an essay explaining how religion plays a pivotal role in the novel. Use evidence from the book.

2. Write a short story from Cedar's son point of view in his teenage years, revealing his feelings toward his mother's diary. Use evidence and details from the book to support your actions.

Prompt Rubric

Purpose and Focus

Failure to answer the prompt presented (10 pts) Answers the prompt but lacks elaboration. (25 pts) Thoroughly answers the question going above and beyond to elaborate. (30 pts)


Did not comprehend the book. Shows no understanding of the themes established. ( 10 pts) Shows an understanding of the book, however lacks some key concepts. (25 pts) Extensively shows comprehension of content in the book. Able to identify all of its literary components. (30 pts)

Evidence and Detail

No evidence or details from the novel is provided while answering the prompt. (5 pts) Uses some pieces of evidence and details, however not enough to support writing. (20 pts) Successfully uses many pieces of evidence and details from the novel to support their claims/ story. (25 pts)

Language and Grammar

Incorrect language and grammar    (0 pts) Adequate and effective language. A few spelling mistakes with grammar mistakes. (10 pts) Rich and precise language usage. Couple to no spelling and grammar mistakes. (15 pts)


____ out of 100 points



Now that you have read the book and answered all of the following questions, you know have a better understanding of the book and all of its components. You have learned about: evolution, labor complications, dystopia and utopia, and indian reservations. You can now continue to disect and review other books in this manner to fully grasp the content. 


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Extra credit (25 pts added to final grade)

Find a book similar to Future Home of the Living God. Read it and write a formal compare and contrast essay between the two. 



Going Beyond the Book


Read the article for further information on the shrine built on the indian reservation. Once on the site, scroll till you see the title Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. 


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