Getting to know the 8 Parts of Speech


For this activity, students will divide into eight groups; each group will be assigned one of the eight parts of speech. Within their group, the students will research their Part, its definition and uses, etc. Together, they will compile examples of words, and sentences using their Part of Speech. Using this information, they will create a presentation outlining their Part of Speech, to be presented to their classmates.


Hello! Welcome to our class's WebQuest activity! Today we'll be learning about the 8 Parts of Speech. Take a look at this sentence:


The capitalized words represent each of the 8 Parts of Speech! Do you know what the 8 Parts are? Here's a breakdown of this sentence and its parts:

OH! -- this is an interjection.

CRAZY -- this is an adjective.

ZEBRA -- this is a noun.

RAN -- this is a verb.

BLINDLY -- this is an adverb.

AND -- this is a conjunction.

CRASHED -- this is another verb.

INTO -- this is a preposition.

ME -- this is a pronoun.

In today's lesson, we'll be using the Internet to learn about these 8 Parts, what they are, their jobs in sentences, and how to use them properly!



Book School Test Learning Education - Transparent Background Books Png Emoji  - free transparent emoji - emojipng.comFor this assignment, you will be creating a presentation on one of the 8 Parts of Speech! You may use Keynote, PowerPoint, Adobe Spark Video, or another approved app for your presentation.  You need to include: 

-An introduction to your topic and your group.  Please include what Part of Speech you are focusing on and the names of each member of your group.

-The basic definition of your Part of Speech. Tell us what the Part is, and what it does in a sentence. For example, a noun is a person, place, or thing. Nouns sometimes tell the reader what or who is doing the action in a sentence's predicate.                                      

Examples of your Part of Speech. Make a list of ten or more nouns, verbs, etc. (Only list examples of your group's Part.)

-Complete sentences that contain examples of your Part of Speech. Please write at least five sentences for this section!

-Three examples of sentences that do not use your Part of Speech correctly. During your presentation, each group member will correct one of these sentences. Tell the class why you have to correct the sentences, and explain how to do it.



Primary Math Games For Kids Elementary Math Games For Kids Emoji Math Math  Symbol Learn English To begin, we will be divided up into eight groups. Each group will focus on one of the 8 Parts of Speech!  

Group 1: Verbs


Group 2: Nouns


Group 3: Pronouns


Group 4: Adjectives


Group 5: Adverbs


Group 6: Prepositions


Group 7: Conjunctions


Group 8: Interjections


Step 1- Everyone gets a job!

Step 2- Research and make up examples of words and sentences!

Step 3- Decide what information to use, and what not to use. Keep at least one example word or sentence from each Group Member. Choose one definition to use by voting in your group.

Step 4- The whole group will create the three sentences to be corrected.

Step 5- Make your presentation!

Step 5.5- Practice presenting if you have time.

Step 6- Present!


Use these resources for your research: 



You might also look at the videos in this playlist:















The presentation has a full focus on a Part of Speech.  It anticipates and answers questions that classmates may have. 

The presentation does an adequate focus on a Part of Speech.  Other students may still have questions or need to see more examples to completely understand it.

The presentation begins to cover a Part of Speech, but does not have enough details or examples so that classmates can understand it. 

The presentation does have an adequate focus on a Part of Speech.  Either no information is given or information is incorrect.





Your presentation is original and captures the audience's attention. You displayed a variety of pictures and information in a unique way.

Your presentation is original and you used a variety of pictures and information. 

Your presentation lacks variety and originality. It is average and could be more appealing.

Your presentation is not original; information was cut and pasted into slides. Your presentation does not appeal to your audience.




Grammar and Usage

Your spelling and grammar are correct. You have no mistakes in punctuation, capitalization or usage.

You had very few errors in spelling and grammar. there are few if any mistakes in punctuation, capitalization or usage.

You had some errors in spelling and grammar. There are several mistakes in punctuation, capitalization or usage.

You had many errors in grammar and spelling. There are many mistakes in punctuation, capitalization or usage, causing difficulty for the reader/audience.



Presenatation Appearance

Your presentation wows your audience. It has animation and graphics that enhance your presentation without being overdone.

Your presentation appeals to your audience. Animation and graphics are appropriate.

Your presentation is adequate. Animation and graphics are either missing or overdone to the point of visual clutter.

Your presentation is inadequate. You did not include animation and graphics.



Team Work 


Your team did an exceptional job of working together. Everyone participated and compromised so that all members had ownership of topics and tasks.  You used your class time wisely.

Your team worked well together. Everyone participated and you were able to reach an agreement about topics and tasks.  You used your class time wisely.   

Your team struggled to work together. Everyone did not participate equally and there were some disagreements about topics and tasks.  You could have used class time  more efficiently.

Your team was unable to work together. Everyone did not participate and you were unable to reach and agreement about topics and tasks.  You wasted class time.



















Your team did an excellent job of timing the transitions to your speech. The transitions were seamlessly incorporated.

Your team's presentation and transitions were well timed. The transitions were appropriate to your speech.

Your team transitioned through the presentation a bit too slowly or a bit too quickly. Your transitions need to be timed to match the speaking portion. 

Your team transitioned through the presentation too slowly or too quickly, making it difficult for the audience to follow. You need to coordinate your transitions and your speech.


Speaking Skills

Your team members all spoke clearly and appropriately. You rehearsed and demonstrated steady, confident speaking skills. You captivated your audience.

Most of your team members spoke clearly and at an appropriate volume and pace. The audience was able to understand your presentation.

Your team members did not all speak clearly. There was some mumbling and/or hurried speech. At times it was difficult for the audience to follow.

Your team members did not speak clearly, at an even pace or at an appropriate volume. The audience had a difficult time understanding the speech.


Shared Responsibility   

Each team member had an equal opportunity to speak. Parts were divided up evenly and fairly.

All team members had a turn to speak and contributed equally.

Though everyone had a turn to speak, one or two team members did most of the presenting.

One person did most of the speaking. Not all team members spoke during the presentation.





Pin on Sayings, Thoughts, Etc.


You have completed your WebQuest!

After seeing every group's presentation, we now understand:

-What the 8 Parts of Speech are (Nouns, verbs, etc.)

-What each Part of Speech is (their basic definitions)

-What each Part does in a sentence

-What some of these words are

-How to use the Parts of Speech correctly

Another thing we have learned about is working in a group. Teamwork is important!

Think of the members of your group. You all worked together to make one presentation. Isn't this kind of like the 8 Parts of Speech, working together to make one sentence? It is!

Now we know that when everyone takes on a job of their own, we can create something really impressive. Today you were a teacher for all of your classmates! 

                                                                              Great job!

Learners, you can use the video above to revise your 8 Parts of Speech. 

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👩‍🏫 Woman Teacher Emoji — Dictionary of Emoji, Copy & Paste  Getting to know the 8 Parts of Speech by Portia Mkile is WebQuest designed for grade 8 learners. 

The purpose of this webQuest is to help grade 8 learners with learning Parts of Speech. This webquest includes explanations about Parts of Speech and application. Also, it includes links to important sites that are useful to learners, where they can learn more about Parts of Speech.