The Giver WebQuest


When you read The Giver, you may be amazed and frustrated by the lack of choices the members of the community have. Just as startling is the state of ignorance in which Jonas and the other community members live in.  The community in The Giver was created as a utopian society; however, things went very wrong in this "perfect world."  Now it is your turn to create your own utopia.


The year is 3010.You have been given the opportunity to start a new society on a deserted island that is fully equipped with all needed amenities and modern technology.The island is not owned or under the influence of any nation. It is your responsibility to inhabit the island in any manner that you choose.

By completing the following steps and taking notes in your Google Doc, you then need to build the Perfect Society and will have introduce your society to the class. 


Step One:  What is a Utopia? 

Use the following web sites to research the concept of "utopia."  The second web site has lots of detailed information on utopia. Take notes (at least 5, but you can take more) and decide which parts are relevant to your project. Do your research and then discuss which of the information you've acquired will be shared. Come up with a definition of utopia.  Tell what utopia means to you.


Step 2: Research utopias

Visit the four sites of utopias that exist today. Pick two that you like and use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast two of the utopias.

  1. The Acorn Community of Virginia:
  2. Twin Oaks Intentional Community:
  3. Victory City:
  4. Songaia Co-housing Community:

- After reviewing these, come up with a name for your own Utopia!


Step 3: Choosing a type of government

Since the island is not owned or under the rule of a nation, you must decide on the type of government you wish to live under. Using the web on the forms of government, provide at least 4 facts of information regarding the four major forms of government: Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Direct Democracy, and Representative Democracy.

After you have the information on each of the form of governments, you must decide the form of government that you wish to have.You may mix various aspects of different forms of government and create something new as long as you explain the reasoning behind the mixture. Make sure to explain your reasoning behind why you pick the government you do!


Step 4: Choosing a leader

You now need to choose a leader(s) for your society. Research some web sites that discuss the qualities of a good leader.

Use this site for guidance:

Answer the following questions in your notes:

  1. What are the positive and negative characteristics of a good leader?
  2. What qualities would the leader(s) of your society need to possess?


Step 5:Aspects of your society

Choose a minimum of four aspects for this part! (You can also choose more). For each of the following items, write close to a paragraph describing how each aspect fits into your society:

-Plant and animal life

-Climatic and geographical features

-Family units and child rearing responsibilities



-Energy sources


-Distribution of property and wealth

-Inter Community relations

-The Media





-How the elderly are taken care of



Step 6: Oral Presentation

Once the written part of the work is completed, each student will proceed to present their own Utopias in an oral presentation.

-Each presentation must be accompanied by a visual aid (power point, poster drawing, etc) that brings to life your Utopian World.

- The presentation needs to include all of the factors researched. For example, if a PowerPoint is used, there should be at least a title page and five slides to include each area of research.

-The presentations will last a minimum of 2 minutes and to a maximum of 5 for each student.

- BE CREATIVE! Come up with a name, the rulers, the rules/regulations, and so on!