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Welcome: Globalization, Webquest

Description: The pupils will be using 'Walk and Talk' and a recognition and recording App. The pupils will also be given a contact class in a foreign country that they have to engage in a conversation with.
This whole assignment will give the pupils insight with globalization and ICT usage.  

Grade level: 9th grade

Curriculum: English and Language Arts

Keywords: Globalization and how to incorporate ICT use in your classes.

Authors: Kathrine, Mari & Marc


You will be assigned a contact class that you have to be in dialog with. Your findings must be presented as a 'poster' with an attachment to the 'Recognition App' where you are to go through you 'poster' and present the information on the poster. 


First lesson: Introduction to the assignment, making the groups, getting a contact class and prepare questions for the contact class.

Second lesson: 'Walk and talk', work on the poster and finish with an evaluating 'walk and talk.'

Third lesson: 'walk and talk', finish the posters and record your presentation with the 'Recognition App.'

Fourth lesson: Listen to the other group's presentations, evaluate it and give feedback.


The overall performance of the groups will be taken into account when the marks for the years work will be given to the pupils. 


Hopefully by now you have completed this WebQuest about globalization and have become more comfortable with ICT usage in school. We hope that you will use the many opportunities that ICT brings into learning in a creative and exciting way. 


Mari Ovidie Trohaug Vassgård

Kathrine Krogh Christensen 

Marc Brunnenberger Mckenzie

Teacher Page

Focus: To include ICT and CL in a globalization context to further the motivation amongst the pupils. To give the pupils an insight in other cultures and countries.

Goals: That the pupils will be comfortable with ICT use and being able to manage their time and work ethic.  

Prerequisite skills: Comfort level with the internet and social behavior. 
Time required: 3 days for lessons and preparation (45 minutes each) and 1 day for presentations.
Technology: Recording device, computer and access to the 'Recording App.'