The Globe Theatre


Hello Grade 8s


Welcome to "The Globe Theatre" webquest! 


Follow the links in the "Process" Page and then head to "Tasks" to find out what you'll need to complete in your "Romeo and Juliet" module.


Once you have meandered through the theatre quest, you'll need to click on these final two links to complete the task:

Now, draw a simple sketch, in your module on page 4, to illustrate what the inside of The Globe looked like. Please include annotations for the viewers' understanding. Be creative! We suggest using pencil to sketch but you're welcome to include colour - have fun (this is not for marks!) :)


Click on the following links, in the order given to you, and then move on to the "Task" page:



Well done! We can't wait to see your sketches!


Love Mrs Correia and Mrs Agar