We are talking about healthy food. You have a family and live together, so you need to make a diet plan.

As a class, we have been working on different kinds of food relating to our and other cultures and we also learnt the group nutrients through the food pyramid.

How can we take advantage of our knowledge to plan a healthy meal plan?


As a final project, you will plan a one-week healthy diet for your family!

So, please think about the type of food you will include for five days and write it short. You can write down what you eat in each meal for a week so as to help when you plan the diet and also try to make it healthier keeping in mind the pyramid.

Now, you are in groups and you have to decide your meals. The plan is to be presented in a chart divided into 5 columns for each day of the week and at least 3 rows for the meals of a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can add a quick snack before lunch and dinner if you prefer. Remember, don’t forget to put pictures of the food!



Here are some websites to review the healthy food, nutrients and also meal plans that can serve you as examples for planning your diet. Okay, let’s go!









Use the dictionary to translate what you don’t understand:





This is how your work will be evaluated:





Wow! Your meal plan looks awesome and healthy at the same time!

Please, check that everything is the way you want it before the presentation.