"Go, Glow and Grow" Food.


Did you know that there are different types of food that we eat?

Can you differentiate them into three main groups?

Did you know that all these food help us to Go, Glow and Grow? 

Well! no need to worry!

Come along on this awesome some journey with me

Follow along Students! 


On this journey you will discover:

1) what are the three basic food groups

2) A description of each types of food

3) examples of the different types of food

4) The benefit of the different types of food


The three basic food groups

1) click the link and read the first three paragraph on the 3 basic food groups

2) Open Microsoft word and write the names of the 3 basic food groups in a sentence



Description of the 3 basic type of food

1) click the link provided below

2) Go to the second page of the slide and take 10 minutes to read the description of the 3 basic types of food.

3) Add to your microsoft word ducument the definition that is given of each.



Examples of the different types of food

1) Click the youtube link provided below / click the youtube video provided below

2) watch the video to the end

3) On your microsoft word page make a list with example of the 3 basic types of food provided (Go, Glow, Grow food)


Benefits of the Go, Glow and Grow food

1) Click on the youtube video provided below

2) Watch the video to the end and listen carefully

3) Continuing on your microsoft word ducument write the benefits of the Go,Glow and Grow food mentioned. 



Activity time Guys



Answer all questions listed below.


  1. Food can be categorized into 3 groups. Name them




  1. Name one benefit of the go food    



  1. Give 3 examples of the grow food   




  1. What nutrient does the body gets from the glow food and give at least two example  





Name of food groups                                              / 3marks

One benefit of go good                                           / 2 marks

3 examples of grow food                                       /  3 marks

Nutrition from glow food                                      /  2 marks

Two examples of glow food                                  /  2 marks


Total :                                                                          / 12 marks



The 3 basic food groups (Go, Glow and Grow Food) can also be categorized into six different food groups which are good for a balance diet.

They are: 

1) Staples                                                4) Food from animals

2) Legumes                                             5) Fruits

3) Fats and oil                                         6) Vegetables

In order to have a balance diet a person MUST eat from all 6 food groups.

They provide the body with: 

1) Fats                                       4) Fiber

2) Protein                                   5) Vitamins

3) Carbohydrates                       6) Minerals

Click the link below to read on additional information




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Go Grow and Glow Foods Song for Kids

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