Going Shopping


Welcome to the Going Shopping WebQuest! In this exciting lesson, you will have the opportunity to explore shopping around the world, improve your English language skills, and practice math concepts.


You will research and compare shopping experiences and practices in different countries, create a shopping list, budget for your shopping trip, and present your findings to the class.


1. Exploring Shopping Practices:

a. Watch a short video about shopping habits in different countries.

b. Read articles and view images about shopping in various countries provided on the WebQuest website.

c. Take notes on interesting facts about shopping practices in at least three different countries.


2. Creating Your Shopping List:

a. Choose a country from the ones you researched.

b. Create a shopping list with at least 10 items that you would like to buy if you were shopping in that country.

c. Include the names of the items and their approximate prices.


3. Budgeting for Your Shopping Trip:

a. Use the math skills you've learned to calculate the total cost of your shopping list.

b. Consider exchange rates if you are shopping in a foreign country.

c. Determine how much money you need to bring with you on your shopping trip.


4. Presentation:

a. Prepare a short presentation where you share your chosen country, shopping list, and budget with the class.

b. Use multimedia resources (images, videos, etc.) to enhance your presentation.

c. Explain any cultural aspects related to shopping in your chosen country.


You will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Research and understanding of shopping practices in different countries.
  2. Completeness and creativity of your shopping list.
  3. Accuracy and thoughtfulness of your budget calculations.
  4. Clarity and engagement in your presentation.

By completing this WebQuest, you will have gained a deeper understanding of shopping practices around the world, improved your English language skills, and practiced math concepts related to budgeting. We hope you enjoy your virtual shopping adventure!

Teacher Page
  1. Provide access to the WebQuest website with multimedia resources and articles.
  2. Monitor students' progress and assist with any questions or difficulties.
  3. Encourage students to collaborate on their research and presentations.
  4. Use the presentation phase to promote public speaking and presentation skills.

This WebQuest integrates various subjects and multimedia to engage students in a meaningful and interactive learning experience while exploring the theme of shopping.