Goya’s path


Welcome to this webquest! A webquest is a kind of activity that will help you find information about something in the web. This time, Goya will be the centre of the work. You will find specific information about his life and paintings. 

Vicente López Portaña - el pintor Francisco de Goya



To complete this webquest you must do the two following tasks:

    - Answer some questions about Goya's life in a separate piece of paper.

    - Identify the names of some of Goya's paintings.

You will be given the links where the information is written.


Task 1 - Basic information about Goya

1.1 What was Goya's complete name and surnames?

1.2 When and where was Goya born?

1.3 Where did he first study painting? and how old was he?

1.4 When and who did he marry?

1.5 When did he become a court painter to the Spanish crown?

1.6 When did he become completely deaf?

1.7 What happened to his work after he became deaf?

1.8  When was he appointed Director of the Royal Academy?

1.9 When did Goya become 'Primer Pintor de Cámara', the then-highest rank for a Spanish court painter?

1.10 When did he paint Charles IV of Spain and His Family?

1.11 When did he paint 'The Second of May 1808' and 'The third of May 1808'

1.12 Later on in his life he became a little depressed by the war and his illness and his paintings were called 'Black paintings' from 1819 to ______ (which year?)

1.13 When did he retire to the French city of Bordeaux?

1.14 When did he die? And how old was he when he died?


Use the following links to find the answers:




Task 2 - Use the links below the paintings to identify the names of some of Goya's paintings

You must write the titles of the following famous paintings in Spanish


El coloso.jpg



Autorretrato Goya 1815.jpg



El pelele.jpg



Francisco de Goya, Saturno devorando a su hijo (1819-1823).jpg




Maja vestida (Prado).jpg



Carlos IV de rojo.jpg



El Quitasol (Goya).jpg



El Tres de Mayo, by Francisco de Goya, from Prado thin black margin.jpg



El dos de mayo de 1808 en Madrid.jpg



La familia de Carlos IV, por Francisco de Goya.jpg


Use the following links to find the titles:


You will be evaluated taking into account the separate paper where you wrote the answers.


Congratulations! You have completed your tasks. Now you now know a little bit about Goya, who he was and some of his most important works of art. 


This Webquest was created by Patricia for students studying the 6th year of primary education in Spain.