Gr 11 Life Science-Photosynthesis


Good morning students

In this new week we'll be getting into our new topic of the week, photosynthesis. Previously we did plant cells and tissues. Please find the attached video for the introduction of the lesson. Click on the link.


Answer all the questions below and pay attention to the mark allocation.

Question 1 

Explain the process of photosynthesis. 

Question 2

Name the site where photosynthesis takes place. Give the requirements of photosynthesis. Pigment responsible for trapping light. 

Question 3

What are the two phases of photosynthesis and where does each occur? 

Question 4

Importance of photosynthesis 

Question 5

What are the factors that affect photosynthesis and give out an explanation of each. 



Watch the video below to assist you with the activity above.

Find the attached pdf for revised notes.


Follow these mark allocation to help with answering the questions.

Question 1 (2 Marks) 

Question 2 (5 Marks) 



Pigment - 1

Question 3 (4 Marks) 

Two phases-2

Site it occurs at-2

Question 4 (3 Marks) 

3 Importances

Question 5 (6 Marks) 

3 requirements =3 marks

Explaination of each =3 marks 





Write down the notes in your workbook and do the exercise questions to help you understand the lesson. Reflect on the posted videos and pdfs attached to help you. At the end you should know what photosynthesis is. The requirements, importance and factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis. 

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