GR10 Tourism_South African Fauna and Flora


Teacher: Eugenia Masimela

Subject: Tourism

Topic: South African Fauna and Flora

Grade: 10

Due date: 25 September 2021


• South Africa’s major attractions is the wide variety of plants, birds, sea-life, and wild animals.

• Tourists from all over the world visit our country to view this fauna and flora

• As a tourism learner it is important to know the key concepts used by people who work in the natural environment.

• Watch the videos given in order to understand the content of the lesson

• I've given a few questions in between to ensure that you don't ditch the lesson and that you understand, so answer the questions AFTER watching the videos. 





Question 1: Watch the video bellow and answer the questions following

1) Define the meaning of Ecosystem                                           (3)


2) Explain the importance of biodiversity                                     (5)


3) Give an example of fauna and flora shown in the video          (2)


                                                                                                    (10 Marks)



1.2 Click and watch the video bellow in order to complete explanations of these key concepts


Complete column B by writing the explanations of the key concepts in column A


COLUMN A                                             COLUMN B

1.2.1) Living things


1.2.2) Endangered


1.2.3) Ecosystem


1.2.4) Habitat



1.2.5) Non-living things


1.2.6) Wildlife


1.2.7) Forest


1.2.8) Species







1.3 Click on the following links provided and indicate whether these statements are true or false

1.3.1 These animals are not in the same group of species


1.3.2 These animals are in the same group of species


Total:10 marks


►This is an individual task

►Therefore it must be done individually by each learner

►Watch the videos and click on the links provided before answering the questions.

► Read carefully and answer ALL questions



Task rubric

Explain concepts according to definitions in the given videos

5 marks

Know how to differentiate between the key concepts

5 marks

Able to identify examples of key concepts

5 marks

Know how to identify different types of species

5 marks
Total: 20 marks




  • It is important for you to familiarize yourself with these key concepts covered in today's lesson, as these concepts will come up a lot in the next topics. 
  • Watch the videos to understand the meaning of these concepts and not to just answer the questions
  • You must be able to know the meaning of these concepts to make sense of the upcoming topics
  • Summarize the following pages for our next class, page: 164-168 in preparation for our next lesson, also watch the video to be better prepared.


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